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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 5/29/2003 6:05:09 PM EDT
I'm lifting weights, but not uber heavy (I'm getting about 10 reps per set) how long should I wait before exercising the same muscle groups again? I know for mass building you only work a group a couple times a week but what about with lighter lifting? also, what about with things like pushups, pull ups & crunches?
Link Posted: 5/29/2003 6:23:45 PM EDT
I guess it would all depend on how old you are and what you want out of it. I have been lifting religiously for the last few years. I am presently 22 years old. I am guessing by your post that you just want to stay in shape and not really gain mass. I have learned a few things lifting with my bro-in-law, ex nebraska lineman, that will help you out unless you want to post again and get more specific. 1. Sets of ten reps will probaly keep you in shape without putting on pounds, but don't always do ten reps. Even if you don't want to gain wieght you should change it up and do sets of 4-6 reps some weeks. 2. The only routine you should get into is going to the gym religiously. Never get into any other routine. Say you have a day deticated to chest. Never do bench, incline, decline, and flys in that order week after week. Straight bench is always a good exercise, but don't always do it first. Maybe youy could sub in some heavy dumbells instead of using the bar. 3. I think you really don't need suppliments since you don't seem like a gainer, but diet is at least half of being in shape for most people. 4. For staying in shape, I would take short breaks of about 30 seconds between sets. Since your lifting light you could also work in some super sets every now and then. 5. Last of all. Drink water!! As much as you can as ofter as you can. There is no better thing you can do for yourself than this.
Link Posted: 5/29/2003 6:31:07 PM EDT
here's a question for you excersize gurus: what's the best way to gain muscle/ get bigger without using equipment? can you gain substaintial muscle with pushups, pullups, situps, ... etc?
Link Posted: 5/29/2003 6:37:49 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/29/2003 6:50:34 PM EDT
Buy a set of pushup bars and use the shit put of them. I do pushups every night when I am just chilling at the t.v. It is not hard to just roll onto the floor and start doing a few. I honestly don't think that you need a break from them the more the better. I usually don't do them the same day I work my chest, but it's for pain/weakness reasons. As for pullups, if you go wider you will get into the back muscles, i.e. lats and delts. These will give you that wide shoulder v body look. Oh, and fo them with your palms facing out. If you go narrow with your grip you will your arms and shoulders a bit. Don't be pissed if you can't knock out any wide grip palms away pullups. Just keep trying and do what you can. They are a very demanding exercise. Those two exercises will make you look ten times better and be a hell of a lot stronger. Doing situps and crunches will make you feel good about your stomach, but remember everyone has a sixpack. It's just burried on most people. Don't get me wrong, they will help you and I do them every other day, but it's not one of those must do exercises. You can't really gain to much mass without equipment. Pushups/pullups, will take what you have, add a little, and refine the shit out of it so it looks good, but not much more mass will be created. To get mass you have to rip you muscle by lifting heavy weights. Basically when you lift heavy weights your muscle gets tons of tiny tears in it and then your body makes more muscle to fill in the holes. Thus more mass and muscle.
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