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Posted: 3/2/2006 6:28:34 PM EST
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A JD is very handy to have, even if you don't practice. I do practice law and like it. Money ain't bad either.

Not to knock an MBA, but I think it is easier to pick up later (while working) if you need it. I would apply to both types of schools and see where you get in. There are also some joint programs where you can get both your JD and MBA in 4 years or so if you are a glutton for punishment.

Accounting degree would be very handy for tax and benefits law, among other specialties.
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Link Posted: 3/3/2006 5:44:45 AM EST
Not a lawyer or law school student, yet. Barring anything unforseen I will be going to law school after I get my BS in Poli Sci. I decided to go into law after I found out that I wouldn't be able to have a career in the military because I have a love for the law and politics, and as an earlier poster stated, the money ain't bad either.
Link Posted: 3/3/2006 5:51:17 AM EST
Do you plan on working during law school or B-school (I don't mean during the summer)? If you can avoid it, I would suggest not working for the first 2 years of law school. Third year is a different story.

For eithier B-school or law school, go to the best school you can get in. I think you will find that law school grads make money quicker after graduating, but that B-school grads have a better potential to make the big money once they are established.

Some people I know that are my age who went to b-school (graduating about 12 years ago) are now making more money than me (a couple significantly more money) but the corporate life requires them to move around a lot more and they tend to work harder. A couple do computer "consulting" and have never really made it.

My sample may not be completely representative.

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You've been waiting for me to respond.

After getting my BS in finance in 2000 I got a job doing compliance with a bank. While working full time I went to school for my MBA. Honestly, the GMAT was the hardest part of the program. Once you are in they kind of push you through.

I never put my MBA to use. Shortly after getting my MBA I was accepted into law school. Having an MBA got me a lot of attention in law school though.

Now I'm a practicing attorney and the MBA doesn't get used at all. Any business knowledge that I use today I could have got through my BS. Having my MBA looks good on my wall, but that's it.

I would try to avoid doing the part time JD thing. You arguably don't get the full experience going part time. YMMV

Feel free to ask me any questions about either program.

BTW I went for the money and prestige.
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