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Posted: 2/14/2006 4:53:40 PM EST
Link Posted: 2/14/2006 5:49:09 PM EST
It depends on the need of the MOS.
Link Posted: 2/14/2006 5:50:27 PM EST
Link Posted: 2/14/2006 5:55:02 PM EST
Don't know the needs in the Reserve so I don't know, but if you want 21B or 21E I can find you a job.
Link Posted: 2/15/2006 2:28:23 AM EST
Link Posted: 2/15/2006 4:43:12 AM EST
Link Posted: 2/15/2006 5:12:34 AM EST
Last time I checked, the USAR and RA components used the same in\out charts for MOS reclassification. You need to check your current MOS and rank to see if there is a 'yes' in the out box. If there isn't you're stuck. There also needs to be a shortage for what you want to reclass into. If everything pans out they can put it in writing in your reenlistment contract.
Link Posted: 2/15/2006 9:00:38 AM EST
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Originally Posted By OrionSix:
Don't know the needs in the Reserve so I don't know, but if you want 21B or 21E I can find you a job.

LOL, whats your timeline? I might can send you some fresh from Afghanistan, several here were going to stay for a second tour when a USAR unit was replacing us, but now an AC unit is and does not want them.

Don't need a 919A do ya?
Link Posted: 2/15/2006 11:52:07 AM EST
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If you can get it written into the re-enlistment contract that you are re-enlisting into a specific unit (MI obviously) as a 97B C/I Agent, and that the position is coded as a "Will Train" you are virtually guarenteed of getting it. There is also a huge shortage of MI folks (read you will get deployed)
A RTNCO can contact the servicing RRC's G1 and request the position be coded as the "will train".
Be advised, though, you can not attend the MOS reclass courses untill you have your security clearances done - you must have a finalized secret with proof of submission of a TS w/SCI.
Not having the MOS initially will pop you up on the NonMOSQ list and mandate a transfer into the TTHS - you still drill with your unit but be opcon to the TTHS manager in your servicing RRC.
More than likely, you will be required to attend USAR Reclass courses - 97B is a 4 phase course, so you may be looking at a good 2+ years until you are fully MOSQ.
Where are you located? I see NY in your profile - city or upstate? There is an MI Company in the Bronx and the Bn HQ's is up in CT.
Link Posted: 2/15/2006 1:03:17 PM EST
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Link Posted: 2/15/2006 4:08:33 PM EST
The in\out thing is a quick and dirty list of what MOS's are over or under strength and who can transfer. The Army Times publishes a list a couple of time a year. Bottom line is your rank and MOS will determine if a swap is possible. If stop loss is no longer an issue then unless you are in a critically short MOS they should let you out.
Link Posted: 2/15/2006 4:45:46 PM EST
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Link Posted: 2/17/2006 9:12:29 AM EST
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I am in the former servicing command for that MI Bn & know the commander personally. I currently serve as the Schools Manager / Sr Ops SGM. If you need data / contacts - let me know, as I can hook you up.
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