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Posted: 12/28/2003 5:14:02 PM EDT
I was reading the topic about the Indiana Supreme Court allowing a lawsuit to proceed filed by the city of Gary against gun manufacturers for "decades of gun violence"

Under the reasoning that these cities are using to sue gun manufacturers, could they not also bring lawsuits against, say, Anheiser Busch or the Coors brewing company?  These companies legally manufacture a product that results in thousands of deaths every year from abuse.  Not to mention the social effects of broken marriages, lost jobs, treatment programs.  

Why do you suppose MADD isn't lobbying the cities to push their agenda through the courts.  Sure, they tried to make alcohol illegal once and that didn't work out too well but if you sue enough manufacturers, they won't be able to keep brewing.
Link Posted: 12/28/2003 5:46:09 PM EDT

The simple answer may be the three martini lunch. Most everyone drinks a shot once in a while, and thinks they are fully in control.

"Drinking is not all bad, I drink every night and hurt nobody."

but the guns are bad because everyone who has one can possibly kill some one. We all know they are more intoxicating than hard liquor[rollingeyes].. fullclip
Link Posted: 12/28/2003 6:11:05 PM EDT
Isee this case going the same way as Cincinnatis lawsuit did.

Appeals court threw it out.
Ohio Supreme court reinstated it.

The Cincinnati, OH, City Council unanimously voted on Apr. 30 to drop its four-year-old lawsuit against the gun industry on the advice of attorney Stanley Chesley, who has been representing the city in its legal action.

Less than a month before the council vote, attorneys for the gun industry went to court, [red]demanding that a judge require the city to produce evidence to substantiate the allegations made in the lawsuit.[/red] Industry attorneys wanted copies of police reports and depositions from police officers, among other materials.

The city complained that it would have placed a tremendous burden on the police department to produce those documents.

“Ending the lawsuit so soon after gunmakers demanded to see the evidence behind the city’s claims is a strong indication that the lawsuit was nothing but a flimsy sham all along,”
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