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Posted: 5/6/2003 7:23:23 PM EST
I have used a Beretta pretty much my whole career. However, when I went to the tac team, part of our policy calls for weapon mounted lights . I have used a Sig 226R .40 and also USP with a light. I like them, but I have that urge again. Anyone out there using a Beretta with a weapon mounted light. Either a standard model or a Vertec. My two options are a Vertec or a standard Beretta with the Streamlight rail added to it. I don't really want a semi-permanent light such as the Surefire. I want to be able to take it on and off. This will also be used on patrol. Pros/Cons, etc. Thanks for your help
Link Posted: 5/7/2003 7:09:46 AM EST
Hey I'm not in the LE field and i don't own a V-tech but i have had a chance to use one over the last month or so(baby sitting it for a friend)with an M6 and it is a heck of a lot better as far as mounting lights and lasers than a 92 with the streamlight rail added to it. The mount on the v-tech is more solid(obviously). I ended up selling the streamlight mount to a friend because i just didn't like it, even been thinking of selling the 92f to get a v-tech as the grip feels a lot better than the standard 92 grip.
Link Posted: 5/11/2003 12:34:40 AM EST
I'm a k9 copper for a muni police agency. I had the M3/rail combo on my 92F. Long story short, hot call, fast weapon presentation, rail and M3 go plunk on ground in front of me. I now have a 96G Vertec/M3 and love it. Vertec is the way to go baaabbbbbyyyy!!!!
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