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Posted: 8/29/2001 5:54:34 PM EDT
Hi All, I have a contact in Sweden that is parting out his Steyr GB pistol and is going to sell them to me here in the U.S.. These are just the small parts, not the slide or the frame. He also has 3 18 round standard size mags for it that I would like to buy, too. The mags were made back in the eighties, several years before the Sept. '94 cut off date so they are pre-ban. We would like to know if he can legally ship these mags to me or do you have to have some kind of import license? Importation of these guns, as some already know, ended in the late eighties and parts are almost impossible to find. The mags are tough to find, too. I thought I would try to get some good advice here before I resorted to calling Satan(BATF) and asking them. I posted this question over on TFL but I thought I would post here also to get other views. Thanks. Greg
Link Posted: 8/30/2001 4:46:06 PM EDT
A Form 6 is required for importation of a high capacity mag (even if it is less the $100.00). You do not need an importers license to import but will need an FFL. A FFL holder may make "occasional" imports for the purpose of adding to his personal collection or for a resident of his State (including firearms). There is some documentation needed to verify the mag's pre-ban status and that it is legal to export this item from the county in question. An FFL holder may request the proper forms from the ATF, they are listed on the reorder card.
Link Posted: 8/31/2001 7:46:45 AM EDT
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Thanks, Ekie Yesterday, I got on the BATF website and looked through the regs on pre Sept. 13, 1994 "high capacity ammunition feeding devices" and I saw the part refering to the Form 6 you mentioned. I scanned through it and got the feeling that this was not going to be doable for me but I still wasn't sure. I appreciate the detailed information. I am going to see if the guy will still sell me the small parts without the mags.
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