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Posted: 9/18/2005 8:05:53 AM EDT
Not because he is a marginally talented producer / director who thinks 70s cheese is a gold mine and insists upon putting himself into his mostly mediocre films.

Tarantino is a giant douche because he bought the rights to Zatoichi 14: The Pilgrimage and did NOTHING with it. Least of all release it on DVD since he now owns the rights.

I just got the entire Zatoichi filmography on DVD (or so I thought).

I have always avoided this large purchase because there are 26 films in the series and it wouldn't be cheap. In the meantime I watched them on IFC every Saturday morning on "Samurai Saturdays." Finally I broke down and said "screw it" and got every title on DVD and was looking forward to a Zatoichi marathon.

Only to find I DON'T have Zatoichi 14: The Pilgrimage because it was NEVER released on DVD.

Seems this walking colostomy bag bought the rights for the title because he planned on doing a remake, which he never did. I don't have a problem with that and I could care less if he does a poor remake of the film or not. I laugh at the guy because he thinks he is so in touch with the Chanbara genre and his homage "Kill Bill 1 & 2" were a pathetic joke. But if he wants to do shitty tributes to brilliant films then I guess that is what half rate, marginally talented producers do.

But while he sits on the rights to the "missing link" in the series and doesn't release it through Miramax he is actually fucking every fan of the genre that he claims to be a respectful devotee of.

This is like Michael Jackson owning the rights to the Beatles catalog but NOT allowing them to be released on CD. Mike may be a child molesting, past his prime, tapped for talent freakazoid but at least he actually releases the Beatles titles so he doesn't fuck the fans (at least not those over 14).

As a consequence even Michael Jackson is cooler than Tarantino. And that ain't good.
Link Posted: 9/18/2005 8:08:04 AM EDT
Yeah, but he pissed all over the bar, the floor, and the bartender and not only wast he bartender not pissed about it, he was happy!
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