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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/4/2001 2:36:58 PM EST
ok, i did my part, converted my girl friend who lives in New York from a liberal who had no need for guns to one that loves to shoot and thinks the Socio-crats stink. She has seen the other side and agrees with me. now she wants her own toys! i have said a nice 45 in glock 21 and a ar15 ... just for starters. my question is what does she need to purchase in the state of New York. she is not in 'the city'.
Link Posted: 7/4/2001 2:48:34 PM EST
She needs a permit issued by the county of residence. go to the county office, obtain application, follow directions, and upon completion/ issueance, she will be given a certificate allowing purchase of a handgun. after purchase of handgun, a permanent permit will be issued.
Link Posted: 7/4/2001 2:57:19 PM EST
Plan to wait a minimum of 6 months for the pistol permit. If you tell me the county you are in I can get you the contact info.
Link Posted: 7/4/2001 4:50:46 PM EST
thanks, lori is in Beth Page, right near the old Grummin factory. permit for a hand gun, what will she need for a 'long gun' or an ar15? i appreaciate your help.
Link Posted: 7/4/2001 7:16:16 PM EST
are you guys familiar with Edelman's pistol permit service? would you recommend them? i was thinking of using their service to assist me in getting my handgun permit... they guarantee that anyone who uses them, will get their permit. thoughts? suggestions? Blade
Link Posted: 7/4/2001 7:26:10 PM EST
Link Posted: 7/4/2001 8:04:15 PM EST
Blade........the only thing I know about Edelmans is they are very expensive, guns, ammo, etc. But, if they say they can help you out, give them a try. Just curious, what do they charge for there services??
Link Posted: 7/4/2001 8:16:21 PM EST
Oh yeah, Maxwell, congrats on the conversion of your girlfriend [beer] I converted my sister-in-law who is a teacher. I didn't make her a gun lover but, lets just say she's VERY NOT liberal anymore!! [;)]
Link Posted: 7/4/2001 8:45:28 PM EST
You don't need a Permit service if you are capable of filling out forms correctly. the only time anyone might need this type of service is if you are applying for a carry permit in NYC and the surrounding counties. The likelihood of obtaining a carry permit is virtually nil, nada, nonexisting. So don't waste your money in either case. As far as Edelman's is concerned: I called them a couple of years ago to obtain their address before making the trip there. I was told that the Retail store was no longer in operation and only the Permit Svc. was open for business
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