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Posted: 10/7/2012 5:22:57 AM EDT
I would like to live long enough to read the complete story of B.H.O. in the history texts but as I am 52 already and not in the greatest health it is doubtful I will live to see my dream come true. I would also like to see the cocksucker in Leavenworth doing hard labor for life too, I really believe that they/he have done shit which deserves this type of punishment. My grandchildren need to know the truth of why they have been saddled with the tremendous debt and know enough not to repeat history by electing another Obama down the road.

Just what kind of people are behind the puppet strings of Obama? Most of us are intelligent enough to figure out that there is no way he is smart enough to pull off this meteoric rise from a nobody pissant lecturer/community organizer to Commander in Chief of the USA. Look at the communists the fucker grew up with and his mentors at the leftist institutions of higher learning. From Frank Marshall Davis to Bill Ayers and his terrorist cunt wife to the assload of czars and muslim fanatics running around the damned White House just what unpublicized group is in charge of this bastard? Communists? Some islamic organization? Something worse?

Should we just look to the money trail for the answer? I can see where in 2007/8 that he probably got a metric shit ton of cash from George Soros, but I think Soros has received his payoff and isn't in the game any longer. Is the answer this simple: Did Soros finance Obama to the tune of about a Billion dollars to get him the job and he is now payed off and Obama is on his own?

We all know that Obama can't find his ass with either hand and has spent every day for the last year scrounging funding on our dime, cash which magically flowed into his accounts 4 years ago was pretty slim until the last month, maybe some new group is making a push but I don't think there is any more room for payoffs even if Obamao wins again.

Please post your theory.

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