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Posted: 1/6/2002 8:25:31 AM EDT
You just have the load the pistol correctly, that is all. You need a fully-supported barrel, Triton smc cases (small rifle primers, thicker webs)and very lightweight, hollowbased bullets. The hollowbase makes for more "powder-space". It is no great trick to get a 70 gr .45 slug to 2400 fps in a 5" barrel in this manner. Out where the deer and coyotes actually get hit, the 70 gr Speer SP isn't going much, if any faster than 2400 fps. Also, consider that the 4x greater frontal area of the .45 slug will without doubt help to suddenly tranfer the slug's 900 ft lbs to the target. I am talking about at 10m, and to MEN for the pistol load, now. Please TRY to separate the bullet performance from the caliber or gun used to fire it. I know that that is difficult for quite a few people, but TRY, ok? If the bullet is a "Split Nose" hp, cast out of zinc, with its nose slit nearly back to the grease groove, and that grease groove has been deepened on the lathe, 2000+ fps impacts cause this slug to break-into 3 pieces at the grease groove. This results in 3 overlapping temporary cavities, which tear apart the tissues in between the cavities. Felt recoil is like that of .45 ball ammo, and anyone can make this bullets themselves. In states that require a "lead core" you must epoxy-in a lead birdhot pellet to the deep hollowbase, in order to be legal to actually load such bullets into handgun ammo. These bullets just happen to be AP, but there is no law against having AP handgun ammo, per se. There is only a law against having loaded ammo whose bullets are made of brass, bronze, or steel.
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Living in DE now? I thought you were in Litchfield, IL. I was there a couple of months ago eating at the Denny's and thought of you. I figured that's probably where you were working.
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