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Posted: 8/5/2004 11:39:35 AM EDT
Does anyone have a PRO GARD AR15 rack in their car? I just installed one but don't care for the way it was set up from the factory to mount. It might be alright for a two man car and for the passenger to retrive the gun, but it doesn't work for a one man car. First off they have the barrel facing the driver side ( I 'm not taking a loaded rifle out of the rack with the muzzle facing me) and you can't drop the rifle before you get on scene.
We mounted it with the the muzzle facing the passenger side but now the lock key hole is facing the passenger side also and very unacessible for the driver to access. The main locking system is electric with the key as a backup but if the electric doesn't work your pretty much out of luck with the key.

Anyone have any mounting suggestions. It is the 5040 model.
Link Posted: 8/5/2004 10:17:02 PM EDT
Would it fit if you mounted it vertically, between the seats and on the cage?
Link Posted: 8/6/2004 3:42:24 PM EDT
No between the seats is not good as our cars have a console between the seats that holds all our radio equipt and emergency light switches etc. I also didn't want it so visible either. I have it installed up tight to the roof now and with the electric switch and 8 sec delay all is working right. It works well now and if I press the release button but don't pull the rifle out it will relock the rack in 8 seconds.

The only problem is access to the key secondary lock in case of electric failure. Oh well can't have everything. I can always use the Rem. 870 in the trunk if needed.
Link Posted: 8/25/2004 10:31:25 PM EDT
I had a Pro-Gard but replaced it with a Big Sky. I've never had any problems with the muzzle facing the driver's side, it allows me to "draw" the rifle while seated and bring it muzzle first out the door.
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