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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/7/2006 6:23:06 AM EST
He's coming again!

Prince Charles to visit Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India.

Britain’s Prince Charles is to visit Egypt, Saudi Arabia and India later this month and a major theme of his tour will be the promotion of greater tolerance between faiths, royal officials said on Thursday.

Although the visit is artfully placed between those to Egypt and India, there is no doubt where his preferences lie. It will in fact be his ninth official visit to Saudi Arabia. This is very strange for someone who probably not yet visited all of the Commonwealth countries of which he could become King. But perhaps not so strange, considering his friendship with the Saudi Royal family. But for someone who purports to uphold Human Rights, and disliked the handover of Hong Kong back to China, calling it a "Chinese Take-away", being friends with the Saudi royals is itself a strange thing. But perhaps not so strange, if one believes the rumors of his clandestine conversion to Islam. It's all very strange.

I hope that Charles takes Camilla to the Batha Souk in downtown Riyadh, There are some great bargains there in gold, rugs and carpets, spices and perfumes. If she doesn't cover her hair, then it will shine like a beacon in the night, and attract all sorts of interested people. She will be able to savor the real Saudi experience of ugly little goblins with sticks wandering up and telling her (thru Charles of course, while he is there as her official Mahram (male relative), she becomes invisible) to "Cover hair, woman!". Hopefully that will start some sort of "domestic" that begins
"I've never been so humiliated in all my life!"
"We-ell..., we must respect other cultures and religions, darling."
"Like they respected me? Those ghastly little men with sticks? And you just stood there and said nothing! What sort of man are you?"

Welcome to the real world of Saudi Islam, Charles and Camilla.

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