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Posted: 2/20/2006 6:58:35 PM EDT
As President Bush and his staff cowered in the White House, the snow continued to pile up on the many poor and African American victims who could not afford to get out of town or to safety in Florida. Crucial supplies of blankets, hot cocoa, popcorn and dark rum - so essential to surviving the stress of any major snowstorm - lay in stores undelivered.

"Where is the government? I need my sidewalk shovelled so I can get out to buy my danged lottery tickets!" said one D.C. resident from his living room. "Why are we wasting money in Iraq when we could be spending it here on me?" Progressive blogs blasted the President for his inaction. We find the timing terribly suspicious - just as the Domestic Spying hearings kick into high gear, what happens? A major northeast Blizzard. Why now?" wrote one blogger.

Hearings into the Blizzards' effect on hearings are almost a certainty. Howard Dean has suggested he will call for an investigation once his new medications kick in and John Kerry took a break from the sporting activities of the glamourous super-rich in some exotic locale (random choice: Ice Sailing in Finland) to call for new legislation outlawing snowstorms. "The Republican Congress has dropped the ball once again. I have always been a staunch supporter of anti-snow legislation, except for certain locations where I ski. Snow has no business on our roads and the President and Congress knows that."

Calls for impeachment over "SnowGate" as some are calling it already are mounting as deeply as the snow itself, and what will be discovered underneath will prove to have a truly chilling effect on the Republicans, as the inevitable thaw proceeds. Or something like that.

More breaking news

Al Sharpton wants an investigation as to why snow is ALWAYS white.

Cheney has stock in Tru-Value Hardware where they sell snow shovels .

Do you have any idea how many SNOW SHOVELS they sold today to the unsuspecting consumer?

I demand to know why FEMA has been so late in reacting to this storm. THEY KNEW IT WAS COMING! And yet they failed to have crews in place to fix the electricity as soon as it went off. It just shows that Bush and the Republicans just don't care about the people in the N.E. The Senate needs to investigate this with administration people under oath.

I'll bet that the great junior senator from N.Y. has opened the doors of her home to all of the heatless poor of her neighborhood and is busy baking cookies for them while her husband applies body heat to the nearly frozen teen-aged girls.
Link Posted: 2/20/2006 8:57:00 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/20/2006 9:06:44 PM EDT by mytwocents]

I demand to know why FEMA has been so late in reacting to this storm. THEY KNEW IT WAS COMING! And yet they failed to have crews in place to fix the electricity as soon as it went off. It just shows that Bush and the Republicans just don't care about the people in the N.E. The Senate needs to investigate this with administration people under oath.

Utility officials in New York expected to have crews working through the week to restore power to the 31,500 customers still without electricity Sunday. That's down from a peak of 328,000 customers three days earlier.

They knew the storm was coming and they had e3xtra crews from other states called in before the storm hit. Sort of the common sense that was so lacking in katrina. At least this time Bush didnt go on vacation

ETA 4 Extra Sarcasm
You know the same homeland security office that decided a state santuary of terrorism can own some of our sea ports. Hey lets just make it easier for IRAN to ship a nuke in a cargo container

When Brown left the iaha four years ago, he was, among other things, a failed former lawyer--a man with a 20-year-old degree from a semi-accredited law school who hadn't attempted to practice law in a serious way in nearly 15 years and who had just been forced out of his job in the wake of charges of impropriety. At this point in his life, returning to his long-abandoned legal career would have been very difficult in the competitive Colorado legal market. Yet, within months of leaving the IAHA , he was handed one of the top legal positions in the entire federal government: general counsel for a major federal agency. A year later, he was made its number-two official, and, a year after that, Bush appointed him director of FEMA.

It's bad enough when attorneys are named to government jobs for which their careers, no matter how distinguished, don't qualify them. But Brown wasn't a distinguished lawyer: He was hardly a lawyer at all. When he left the IAHA , he was a 47-year-old with a very thin resumé and no job. Yet he was also what's known in the Mafia as a "connected guy." That such a person could end up in one of the federal government's most important positions tells you all you need to know about how the Bush administration works--or, rather, doesn't.

IAHA is a hosre association
Hows that a guys that fired from running a horse association is qualified just for being a horses ass for protecting lives after a natural disater

Brown ran this organisation> truly qualified him in top post at fema

Link Posted: 2/23/2006 11:48:43 AM EDT
Ok lemme get this straight.

The Democrats have run New Orleans for 40 years... all while knowing it was a city below sea level needing levies and pumps to keep dry.

Bush hasn't vetoed a single spending bill....ever.
Congress is the one who controls the purse and federal budget.
"Pork" = spending items tacked on to other spending bills. None have been cut in 5 years.

Yet when the Hurricane season ramped up the Dem controlled city (in a Dem controlled State), knowing full well that they hadn't requested and thus hadn't been given more funds to improve or overhaul their levies... and hadn't invested much in emergency preparedness....decide that it's a sane thing to do to wait until the super storm is imminent before acting.

Then blame all the aftermath on Bush.

So a) the residents of NO had no personal responsibility to prepare to be on their own for 3 days or a week?

b) the 1000 city and school buses available couldn't possibly have been used?
c) Hollywood, the LEFT, and the DNC couldn't mobilize their own buses to help 'their people'?
d) The city government, the state government had zero clue that a flooded city would be without power and so didn't think of contingency plans to help hospitals, retirement homes, etc.

But it's all FEMA and Bush's fault..... because we can't expect the private citizen, the private political associations, the city government, the state government etc. to DO ANYTHING rational in the face of hurricane season in a city below sea level.

I'll be willing to conceed that FEMA could do better when we start comparing their reaction time to all the hurricanes during CLinton's time.... Andrew for example.

It's not primarily the President's job to micromanage the evacuation of a city or the mobilization of the State EMA and Guard. There's this little thing called Posse Commitatus that keeps Federal troops from deploying without the State governor's approval. But somehow the Feds were supposed to take over the entire state 72 hours BEFORE the hurricane hit.... magically rise the levies 4 meters, and turn off the evil Haliburton Huricane Machine so it'd only hit areas where there isn't a majority population of a minority.

The delusion and pyschopathic projection of the Left is breathtaking. You people couldn't prove your claims and wild-eyed assertions to save your lives.
Link Posted: 2/23/2006 5:56:48 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/23/2006 6:08:14 PM EDT by mytwocents]
Oh forgot to add Ray Nagin is an idot of the highest caliber.
Make you feel better? So how much of FEMAs supply train did Nagin have lined up and ready to go 3 days before the storm hit? Oh yeah he wasnt in charge of that. Excuse me.
Your doing a great job Brownie.

This is the funniest thing in the world.

I'll be willing to conceed that FEMA could do better when we start comparing their reaction time to all the hurricanes during CLinton's time.... Andrew for example.

Andrew's catastrophic damage spawned many rumors, including claims that hundreds or even thousands of migrant farm workers in south Dade County (now Miami-Dade County) were killed and their deaths were not reported in official accounts. An investigation by the Miami Herald found no basis for such rumors. These rumors were probably based on the 1928 Okeechobee Hurricane, when the deaths of migrant workers initially went uncounted, and were still debated at the time of Andrew.

The slow response of federal aid to storm victims in southern Florida led Dade County emergency management director Kate Hale to famously exclaim at a nationally televised news conference, "Where in the hell is the cavalry on this one? They keep saying we're going to get supplies. For God's sake, where are they?" Almost immediately, President George H. W. Bush promised, "Help is on the way," and mobile kitchens and tents began pouring in. [7]

Another Bush Bozo on that one too.Eta Typos and coloring
Link Posted: 2/24/2006 10:25:26 AM EDT
Oops. I stand corrected. Dishing it out, I need to take it too.

Bit o research later seems like Clinton's era had no big hurricanes to respond to so he dodged the bullet. So FEMA wasn't incredibly wonderful and magically helpful during his tenure but suddenly incompetent during Bush's. Seems that like all things Federal, it either lurches from scandal to scandal or crisis to crisis, each time promising to improve with more money. (Except the DOD that actually cancels programs and cuts funding, closes bases, etc.... virtually the only federal entity that does so).

Much as been made of FEMA's dropping the ball in 1995...but in 1994 if you recall 3 'canes slammed into Florida. And apart from some isolated (and normal) incidents of looting, there wasn't the same instant social implosion and chaos seen in Louisiana. Hmmmmmm. I'm sure an actively prepared population, responsible locals and state officials had NOTHING at all to do with this huh?

Or was there some awful conspiracy that made FEMA super-duper-responsive and magically on the spot because of GOP connections?

For the sake of the argument, let's suppose FEMA did a better job because the state government was friendly and cooperative due to the GOP presence in the governor's mansion.

If so, the lesson learned ought to have been for the DEMS to focus on cooperating with the FEDs from the earliest moment, not waiting till the last minute and then blaming everything on Bush.

Maybe Bush is to blame for lots of things.... but by blaming him for EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME, the dems do themselves and others a great disservice... in that they don't learn any local, state lessons needing attention.

By telling individual Americans to EXPECT the FEDS to magically come to their aid instantly, to EXPECT the FEDS to feed, clothe, house, transport, etc. each and every citizen in the time of danger - at no cost to themselves.... is a very bad lesson to teach and a worse one to believe.

Mytwocents... you ought to check out the Survival Forum sometime on this site.... most of us are actively budgetting and preparing to NOT require any handouts from local, state or federal officials in a time of disaster.... thus allowing them to focus their attention on the true 'needy'.

If the DEMS instead preached self-reliance and local efforts, they'd serve the best interests of the people far better than by passing the blame and responsibility for everything on the Feds.

For example: every single hospital ought to have emergency generators and fuel to last 1 week. Ditto on food/water/basic medicines for 1 week. The benefit is local so the financial burden ought to be local - if the hospital can't afford it now, ask the community for donations.

If they don't make it a priority item on the next local/state budget. If you can't afford it, raise private funds for this - shake down the big hollywood and Leftist donors.

Next time a big thing happens think of using your city's school bus fleet and public transport fleet - think about what you - NOT THE FEDS - could do.

I.e. have the drivers drive their normal pick up routes, picking up families who don't have cars. Make sure all board with a mininum of 9 meals apiece plus 10 gallons of water/liquids. Each driver ought to have a large first aid kit, a large tarp, rope, (to make a shelter with), maps, and a list of rally points.

Drive your load of passengers to Point A by H hour. State/locals will vouch for fuel/food. Portajohns will be hauled there. After refueling drive to Point B for the night. State/local officals will coordinate with churches, schools, shelters, to put refugees up for the duration of the event.

A simple plan like the above - written from the experience of a Boy Scout who got his "emergency preparedness" merit badge 20 years ago - would have saved all the New Orlean's folk who instead were sent to the Super dome and convention center.

And it doesn't require the Feds to spoon feed the people, tie their shoes, show them how to fill up jugs with water, help them load up foodstuffs, etc. etc as if the American people - especially a poor racial minority of us are somehow mentally inferior. What they need is leadership and it starts locally.

Otherwise America will cease to be a country of 50 states and become 1 Federal government with 50 wards of completely helpless drones who can't do anything for themselves without instruction.

What's a more "unifying" message to preach? To hate the President, despise the other party, assume the worst about fellow Americans, blame the whites for racism - and bad weather - and anything ugly that happens to you and expect that since all evil comes from the above groups, they and they alone bear the SOLE responsibility to take care of everyone in the country at no cost and immediately..... or to preach personal responsibility, civic involvement, prudent local and state planning and budgetting for the rainy day?

Link Posted: 2/24/2006 1:53:59 PM EDT

Mytwocents... you ought to check out the Survival Forum sometime on this site.... most of us are actively budgetting and preparing to NOT require any handouts from local, state or federal officials in a time of disaster.... thus allowing them to focus their attention on the true 'needy'.

I have had my bug out bag packed for 2 years now. Even our cars have a 2 day supply of food and water (no guns in the trunk though).

I didnt expect miracles, but i expected basic needs like water and food to be staged and accesible. It wasnt. Bush gets the blame because some where due to cronyism a unqualified man got a job that holds life and death in its every decision.

Another Idiot on the job is ray nagin. <---- hes' a democrat by the way
Link Posted: 2/25/2006 5:48:23 PM EDT
I know Ray Nagin. He was a good man before all this started....politics that is....

He was your typical business man who becomes a politician.... basing alot of assumptions on the status quo within a certain field of possibilities... i.e. he wasn't a former military man or pro at disaster recovery.

So obviously once the city was wiped out he behaved like a lunatic. I blame him for not thinking ahead while he had time.

Look. FEMA isn't responsible for every individual person in the USA. It can't be. Not even with the personnel and equipment of the military could the feds guarantee food, water, shelter, and protection to all 300 million of us at all times under all circumstances.

That's why the government issues evacuation notices. That's why Gulf cities and states have disaster drills, evacuation routes, supposedly training for these kinds of things....

Like Police work, disaster recovery is based on an actuarial assumption that not all 100% of a given population will need disaster relief.

Take for example my county here in Virginia. There are 125,000 people scattered over probably 200 sq. miles of land. 600 subdivisions. 20+ high schools.... etc. in all this, there are only some 200 sheriffs. Supposing they work 8 hr shifts, accounting for vacation and off times, we can assume there's no more than 50 deputies on the road in squad cars at any given time.

Now 50 men to cover 200 sq.miles and 125,000 people would be utterly ridiculous if all 125,000 people needed protection at the same time. But we USUALLY don't. Normally about 5% of a population is criminal and of those maybe 1% are the violent offenders.... of those perhaps 10% are active at any given time... this drops the numerical disadvantage of the police to bearable levels.

But in a crisis where all 5% of criminals became active at the same time, the police would be overwhelmed. If we were good little socialists we'd either quadruple the number of police, or suffer like sheep in the once-in-the-blue-moon event of anarchy. OR we'd all exercise our 2nd amendment rights and in the event of anarchy have the immediate means of self defense.

Ditto with disaster relief. FEMA is there to help when a city and state's DISASTER RELIEF angencies are overwhelmed. BUT IT ASSUMES THAT THEY'VE AT LEAST DONE THEIR PART.... FEMA isn't geared to be the SOLE and IMMEDIATE responder.


The one's with the first and chief responsibility to guarantee people had food and water for 3 days was.... the people themselves.

The second one's responsible to guarantee food and water to all those who did not listen to the governments MANDATORY EVACUATION ORDER... was the city and state Emergency Managament Agencies.

FEMA is there to ride in like the cavalry, to rescue an overburdened local and state situation, not to be the first and only responders!

After all, there are 300 million Americans... how big would FEMA have to be to guarantee food, water, shelter, protection and medical attention to ALL OF US, ALL THE TIME?

We've gone over in SF all that a poor family would have had to have done in the 72 hours before the cane struck.... things like bag up all food - cereal, bread, crackers, whatever... in garbage bags.... use Coke or Pepsi 2 liter bottles for water (potable right up till the morning the levies broke). Scout out for high ground (you're living below sea level your whole life and you don't know where high ground is?)

Is it too much to ask people to take some personal responsibility for themselves and their neighbors? Must they always just sit there and wait like bumps on a log for the GOVERNMENT to ride in and save them?

Their IMMEDIATE cries of blame - and muted gratitude towards anyone who risked alot to save them was a travesty and scandal. But I know that the DEMS had to do that...they knew they'd be lambasted as they were the only powers that be in the whole state, so by blaming BUSH first, they controlled the MSM spin and turned what would have been THEIR FAULT into Bush's fault, knowing that the man doesn't play dirty and hasn't taken advantage of situations in 5 years to cast blame when he could have (*like blaming Clinton by name for missing OBL, or gutting the CIA and NSA during the 1990's... OR PLAYING POLITICS with intelligence agencies such as by stocking them with cronies and less than qualified people out of 'affirmative action' and political demands.... if you walk into Langley you'll see crowds of knock-out babes...girls everywhere in the CIA. were they chosen for their brilliance in foreign languages, experience abroad, and keen analytic skills.... or because they're knock out babes?)

Blame the other guy first is the way to get ahead on the Left. Nagin blamed the entire country for not mobilizing OUR busses to magically come down and evacuate his city...when he was within 1 mile of a parking lot of over 300 submerged school buses.... had he FOLLOWED HIS OWN PLAN those buses could have evacuated 30,000 people.

But no, somehow FEMA is supposed to have the power to invade states a week before disaster strikes, set up vast, hurricane proof tent cities on high ground, haul in millions of tons of food, water, clothes, etc. and post trucks, boats, helicopters and hotdog stands on every corner so that as soon as the hurricane blows over the people won't have to be inconvenienced for a single hour.

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