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Posted: 9/12/2004 11:07:38 PM EDT
Today we rolled back tyranny. Today we beat the liberals. It's not the time to get complacent, but it is time to celebrate, - savor the victory.

Thanks all of you for caring enough to fight for FREEDOM.

This is a historic moment. How many times in your life have you gained liberty? How many laws have you seen abolished? Unless you are black and 70 years old, you have not had an equal to this day.

This is about more than flashhiders and telestocks. We turned the tide- let's keep it going.

Nationwide CCW. Repeal the FA ban. The Best defense is a good offense.

For now, just...........Congratulations- we earned it. I'm damn proud to know that there are still Americans such as you. Onward ARFCOM soldiers.........
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