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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/1/2002 11:44:30 AM EST
Okay, we've all heard the stories. What I want to know is what experiences you've had: 1. Personally had a KB 2. Know someone who had one and I personally saw the weapon 3. Know someone who had one, but I didn't see the weapon. 4. Know someone who knows someone....... 5. Read about them on the internet or in a magazine I spend some time on a few other gun sites and have discovered that Glocks have a worse reputation than I suspected for this. My opinion is that the same pictures and stories get rehashed over and over, resulting in the appearence of a much larger problem than really exists. Maybe I'm wrong, however, so I thought I'd ask. Personally, I'm a category 5 Thanks for your time. Forgive me if this survey has already been done.
Link Posted: 8/1/2002 11:59:52 AM EST
I don't know if it's been blown out of proportion, but there are a lot of police departments that carry Glocks. Simple deductive logic should tell you that if you put a poorly designed product on the market, there will be at least a certain percentage that will screw up. This is why we have recalls. Not that all of them will be bad, but that a certain percentage will be bad. If there are so many glocks floating around, the problem may seem bigger than it actually is. But I've never heard of a S&W KB and I know that for years the S&W was pretty standard across the country.
Link Posted: 8/1/2002 12:06:24 PM EST
Link Posted: 8/1/2002 12:18:30 PM EST
Wouldn't have a Glock so one would never KaBoom on me and besides friends don't let friends buy glocks....[:D]
Link Posted: 8/1/2002 12:21:54 PM EST
1. Never had a kaboom myself - and that is with shooting two M17's and two M21's alot !!! 2./3. Don't know anyone who had this happen to them and have never seen a weapon that it happened with. 4. Don't even know someone who knows someone. 5. I never heard of this happening till a few years ago when I saw a post on a bulletin board on the Internet. I am still kind of skeptical. I mean, I am sure that people do dangerous things with guns all the time, and I'll bet that a few have even done dangerous (dumb) things with Glocks. But all I shoot in my guns are reloads. Although I don't shoot lead bullets out of my Glocks. But the jacketed bullets are the same ones I shoot out of my 1911's (45) and Beretta (9mm). And I have never had a problem. And pray I never do, with the Glocks or with any gun. S4F [pistol]
Link Posted: 8/1/2002 12:30:49 PM EST
I saw one that had KBed, that belonged to an Officer in Lahoma Oklahoma,(just outside of Enid) His was a .40 Glock full size, that had a chamber failure that lifted the back of the chamber and cracked the slide on the forward face of the Ejection Port. I was told it was CorBon ammo, but I have since forgotten the bullet weight. From what I have read, the .40's seem to KB the most often....Though there is some debate on this.
Link Posted: 8/1/2002 12:52:21 PM EST
No point here, just a link to an article... [URL]http://www.arizonarepublic.com:80/arizona/articles/0729wvGlock0729.html[/URL]
Link Posted: 8/1/2002 12:58:14 PM EST
Not a KB, so it doesn't exactly count, but I think it's good info to share... I saw a NIB Glock (can't remember the model number) for sale at a gunshow that had a 1.5" crack along the dust cover of the frame. Definitely made me think twice about the quality control of Glocks. The guy was going to buy it, until he noticed the crack. Of course you could say that it was a shady dealer trying to pawn off a defective gun, but the guy dealer was a regular at the show circuit and he had a lot of NIB Glocks and others for sale.
Link Posted: 8/1/2002 1:00:17 PM EST
it was cool! the nylon on the receiver in front of the trigger guard tore and twisted the slide assembly and the receivers rail up at about a 45 deg. angle. the guy looked at the gun turned it cross ways to see the side and did a little girl type "ew! it's icky" type throw. half of us laughed the other half are in shock. one guy pipes up "metal guns don't do that"
Link Posted: 8/1/2002 1:03:14 PM EST
Don't reload .40 cal. Don't reload .40 cal. Don't reload .40 cal.
Link Posted: 8/1/2002 1:18:12 PM EST
[Last Edit: 9/11/2002 8:05:03 AM EST by O-Possum]
Originally Posted By jsprag: Okay, we've all heard the stories. What I want to know is what experiences you've had: 2. Know someone who had one and I personally saw the weapon
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This was a range .40 Glock that I saw shortly after the event. This range bars Blazer and any magnum ammo and the character that was shooting it had snuck in some Blazer. Needless to say, the range owner was not happy! The counter guy said he heard a louder than normal shot and looked into the range to see what was going on. One of the two guys that had rented the Glock and bought a bag of range ammo had dropped it in front of the firing line. One of them was gathering up their stuff and the other one was holding his hand wrapped up in a handkerchief. The attendant tried to stop them and see what had happened but they both got around him and left. He had their DL# and info because they paid with a check. There is no telling how many thousand lead range reloads had smeared that barrel before they tried to "clean" it with a FMJ Blazer. I asked a few weeks later what had happened about this and the counter guy told me, "They won't be back!" The slide was part way back and the headless aluminum case was still in the chamber. The magazine was blown out and the slide was visibly bulged below the ejection port. The ammo from the magazine was picked up and the cartriges were very visibly bent and damaged. It looked like the top two were bent worst and aparently the mag had 4 Blazers on top with the rest being range reloads. Eddited to add: This range has changed over to jacketed bullet reloads. I was told it was to cut down on lead at the firing line. Yea, Right!
Link Posted: 8/1/2002 1:21:10 PM EST
My wife had a brand new G19 KB in her hand --- THE FIRST TIME SHE EVER WENT SHOOTING! I bought her the gun and a few boxes of American Ammunition 9mm. ammunition (back in 1994 -- I didn't know the stuff was junk) and took her to the range. After about 30rds, I heard a LOUD BANG and heard her screaming and saw the gun laying on the floor. (I had left her alone and was unpacking my other guns) She was in tears and she was shaking her left hand. (it was numb & "tingly" for about a week) She suffered no other injuries and was very shaken up! The magazine (pre-ban [>(] ) was split apart and the barrel was FIRMLY embedded in the upper receiver and the chamber was split wide open. [b]I was PISSED![/b] I had the gun store send the gun back to Glock. Shelly (the "warranty guy") at Glock was very nice and explained that they averaged a gun a week DAMAGED BY AMERICAN AMMUNITION OF MIAMI. (9mm. weapons normally don't "KB" -- EXCEPT when using American Ammo.) They wouldn't replace or repair the gun under warranty. Glock suggested that I contact American Ammo and attempt to have them cover the costs involved. After 3 months of nonsense, American Ammo finally agreed to pay for the repairs if we agreed not to sue for the medical bills / injuries / etc.. We ended up with a gun with 3 different serial numbered parts (barrel / slide / receiver) and I had to pay about 100 bucks in fedex charges AND apply for a new NJ permit to purchase the repaired gun. (because the serial # was different) [b]Bottom Line --> NEVER NEVER NEVER Use American Ammuniton![/b] (the ammo in clear plastic packaging)
Link Posted: 8/1/2002 1:22:34 PM EST
I'll be sure and let everyone know if my G30 ever KB's. Right now it's at a little over 1500 rounds without a failure or a jam. No reloads though.
Link Posted: 8/1/2002 1:31:36 PM EST
Oops.. Forgot to mention: We have about a dozen Glocks and have not experienced any problems with them, other than the aforementioned "KB". They are pretty durable guns and have a great finish. They are nothing like the precision piece of mechanical art that SIG's represent, but are ok.
Link Posted: 8/1/2002 1:33:41 PM EST
Originally Posted By Gerald-J: There is no telling how many thousand lead range reloads had smeared that barrel before they tried to "clean" it with a FMJ Blazer.
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NO !! Lead should NOT be shot in a Glock due to the polygonal rifling in their barrels. ONLY shoot jacketed ammo....
Link Posted: 8/1/2002 2:15:35 PM EST
I like how its the Glocks fault that it KB's with faulty ammo, but if an AR-15 KB's with faulty ammo such as S&B its just the ammo and not the rifle. I picked up a box of "American Ammunition" in .40 that i am now afraid to shoot in my Khar. Wished i had seen that before. Cheap shit seems to be all gun stores like to carry around here. H&K and Sig make very nice, high quality pistols. I just wish they had better ergonomics. Perhaps the new HK P2000 or whatever its called has a thinner/better aligned grip thanks to the Waltherish backstraps. Or maybe my next pistol should be a Walther P99 instead of a USP. Hmmmmm? [:)]
Link Posted: 8/1/2002 2:36:15 PM EST
Link Posted: 8/1/2002 2:39:23 PM EST
Link Posted: 8/1/2002 2:46:11 PM EST
Glocks have a different king of barrel, if you shoot lead bullets the gun will ka boom, friend of mine had one, used lead reloads and it failed, blew up, anyway S&W , bought the gun from him, never said why, later they came out with the SIGMA. If you shoot Glocks you got to stay with "COPPER " jacketed rounds period, not copper washed bullets, copper jacketed, you will be fine the gun will never Ka- Boom.
Link Posted: 8/1/2002 2:46:50 PM EST
The only gun that i have ever seen KB was a Kimber .45. Supposedly the best 1911's one can buy. So it can happen to anyone. I have at least 3,000 rounds through my Glock 23C (.40) and the only problem i have ever had was one failure to feed due to a new magazine. Easily corrected with a tap and rack. I have shot probably 95% factory ammo, though. I'm not trying to bash Kimber or make Glock out to be the pinnacle of handguns. But to me, Glocks are some of the most reliable handguns available and I would trust my life to one without hesitation.
Link Posted: 8/1/2002 2:59:11 PM EST
Originally Posted By CalGat: The only gun that i have ever seen KB was a Kimber .45. Supposedly the best 1911's one can buy. So it can happen to anyone.
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I saw a P220 kb!, I was like what the hell! I'm sure they all do it from time to time.
Link Posted: 8/1/2002 3:03:14 PM EST
I have only seen on the net, but Speir says they are real, and he gave up his fun living writing fluff for the guns rags partly over telling the truth about guns.
Link Posted: 8/1/2002 3:34:09 PM EST
I have a G19C and have had not one problem. I have shot American Ammo way over 2000 rounds with no problem. I also have close to 20,000 through it. So far the only thing I changes was the recoil spring and connector spring just because I figured it was time. I have had the gun since December of last Year. Oh yea I had to get the Spring Load Bearing. I lost it when I took the slide apart to clean.
Link Posted: 8/1/2002 5:21:48 PM EST
I have been a Glock armorer since '94. I have rented Glocks on the range. My department issues Glocks, out of over 200 pistols we have had since '94, none have kaboomed. We use only factory fmc ammo. No lead, no reloads. That is what is blowing up guns. You do what Glock tells you to do, and it works. You do what they tell you not to do, don't be suprised if it kabooms.
Link Posted: 8/1/2002 5:29:17 PM EST
Link Posted: 8/1/2002 5:32:36 PM EST
I don't beleive it's ever really happened! (unless it involved a bad reload)
Link Posted: 8/1/2002 5:35:24 PM EST
I've already put 4K through my G34 so far this year. By the time the IDPA Championships are over, I'll have at least another 2K through it. It is a 100% reliable and accurate rock and roll machine. My G21, which I shot exclusively for 3 years before I switched to 9mm, is a retired range gun. It has had untold thousands of rounds put through it by a hundred others and me in its long life. Demonstrably, actions always speak louder than words. I'm still waiting for them to blow up in my hands every time I pull the trigger. When they do, I'll be sure to join all the hand wringing fear-bunnies on the internet and vow that nobody should ever be allowed to own one again. Nothing like a little mass hysteria to keep the fingers limber.
Link Posted: 8/1/2002 5:37:08 PM EST
Link Posted: 8/1/2002 6:38:20 PM EST
Link Posted: 8/1/2002 6:46:16 PM EST
I've wondered how many NON-GLOCKs have KB'ed? But... Here's what I know from my personal guns: Glock 22 (the dreaded full-size), 9 years old 15,000 plus (yes thousand) rounds to date. No problems. 3,000 rounds in 3 days at a class, no problems. Handloads ranging from "did it go off" to "holy !@#!!$ just a LITTLE hot". I think a 3x charge of bullseye will dissable most any gun, so given a double or tripple charge of powder in a handload/range load/cheap load anything is possible. If mine KB's on me.. I'll go buy another one.. (to go with the other 5 in the safe)..
Link Posted: 8/2/2002 3:00:24 PM EST
I'm a #1. It was a real shock. It was in my 9mm G17 though.. 9mm isn't as nasty as 40 could be.. The brass just gave way and blew the mag out onto the table.. soot was all over the mag.. I looked the gun over, saved the blown brass, slapped the mag back in and continued shooting. Good thing it wasn't a double charge.. It was just a brass failure.. I guess it went throught the lee factory crimp one too may times. I'm trying to count how many times I reload brass now. I am a little worried about it happening in my G27 so I've really backed my 40 loads off. They are now 180 gr at 900 fps. I'm going to 165 grains after all my 180's are gone (I got 4 thousand of them). BTW.. I also had a KBOOM in one of my 3 1911's.. It was a double charge. The load was suppose to be 5.7 gr WW231 behind a 230 fmj. Hoo Boy.. that was nasty.. Blew the plunger tube off, blew off the top 1/3 of the left plastic grip, broke the hammer pin, swelled the mag and blew it out onto the ground. The gun held together though. I put it back together and shot it the next day.. after pulling the entire lot of 100 rounds that I had loaded the day before. You gotta watch those progressive RL550's, if you skip a beat you could get in trouble.
Link Posted: 8/2/2002 3:23:49 PM EST
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