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Posted: 11/1/2004 3:01:49 PM EST
soupersalad's thread here got me to thinking:


why does this story not have a prominent place on this site? it occurs to me that we would all benefit greatly if ARFCOM were to include a political resource section. something easy to admin--just links perhaps--most importantly to the federalist/constitutional chain of the 2nd on the NRA page, but also to current political issues.

it'd be vital that the sources be as objective as possible. drudge, for example, would not have the same influence as a CNN story, but CNN's slant means that any concessions by them could not easily be dismissed by the left. the florida recount is a perfect example. others include the NJ sherrif's 'runaway tiger' quote regarding the liklihood of AWs being used against LEOs, and the NYTs quotation of clinton's policy to pursue a regime change in baghdad.

even just one sticky at the top of GD would do, provided that there was some order kept. perhaps one thread to request info and another to provide specific citations.

though we are first and foremost a gun board, there is no doubt that GD has become a predominantly political animal. if we were to centralize our resources for political discussion--a common bibliography, so to speak--i believe that we could better present our political perspective to new members, and also to those political allies and opponents we face elsewhere.

i know that we are all busy, but everyone's sitting on a reference or two that would help everyone in our discussions away from this site. what do you guys think? is this something you could use, and if so, what kinds of things would you like to see?


Link Posted: 11/1/2004 4:56:19 PM EST
bumping this once--no one is interested?
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