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Posted: 8/23/2005 7:10:35 PM EDT
Police to destroy old Remington firearms
By Elizabeth Binning
Police will destroy $200,000 worth of firearms when they upgrade to semi-automatics because of a UN convention designed to prevent the illicit trade of weapons.

During the next 12 months police will spend $3 million replacing 880 Remington rifles with semi-automatics.

NZ First MP Ron Mark, and the Sporting Shooters Association have criticised the decision to destroy the Remingtons, saying it's a "politically correct move" that wastes taxpayers' money.

However, police say they have no choice because New Zealand, as a member of the United Nations, is compelled to abide by a convention designed to control firearm numbers and prevent illegal trade in them.

"This convention does not have force of law in New Zealand but it can be expected that New Zealand agencies will comply with it where they can," said National Operations manager Superintendent Tony McLeod.

Mr McLeod said even if police sold the Remingtons to licensed dealers they might get less than $200,000 for them - an amount that wouldn't cover the cost of the upgrade.

Sporting Shooters spokesman John Dyer said most of the Remingtons would be in pristine condition, as they were rarely used and well maintained, and would fetch a good price.

Mr Dyer said last time police upgraded weapons they sold their stock to a licensed gunstore in Auckland. Other organisations like the Army had sold firearms overseas where they got better returns.

He could not understand why things had changed, especially when police were in need of funds.

"The question is when police say they have to send a taxi to the Iraena Asher case because they haven't got enough staff on, well $200,000 would have meant perhaps another few officers on that night."

Mr Dyer said the rifles were not military-style weapons and were unlikely to end up in hotspots.

"Why are we slavishly destroying them? To make sure that somehow this is of some benefit to situations like Rwanda? The answer is it wouldn't make the blindest bit of difference."

NZ First law and order spokesman Ron Mark said the convention was not yet law here so there was no reason the rifles couldn't be sold to licensed dealers. "It's politically correct claptrap, the police are bowing to political pressure."

Remingtons, which are mainly used for shooting pests such as deer, are sold at licensed gun shops around the country and are legally imported.

"Where is the illicit trafficking in selling to licensed dealers. There is none," said Mr Marks.

"The Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat and Irradiate the illicit trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in all its Aspects" convention was ratified in New York in 2001.

The weapon

* Remington rifles are used by hunters and sold at licensed stores around the country.

* It is estimated licensed dealers would be able to sell police Remingtons for around $600 each, with an additional $400 to $500 for those that have scopes and mounts.
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Link Posted: 8/23/2005 7:24:23 PM EDT
The Kiwis are suckers for all these stupid UN conventions and treaties. They actually signed onto the Kyoto Treaty and it cost them over $1b in penalties the first year alone.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 7:26:47 PM EDT

However, police say they have no choice because New Zealand, as a member of the United Nations, is compelled to abide by a convention designed to control firearm numbers and prevent illegal trade in them.

Selling them to law-abiding people has nothing to do with preventing the "illegal trade" of firearms, dolts.

Ooooooh, as a member nation of the UN they have no choice.. What the hell is the UN going to do? Send in their blue helmets?!
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 7:26:51 PM EDT
No Good...
Frelling UN Types...
Low down.. Good for nothing libs..
Globalist freaks!!!!

It's only a matter of time..
Were next.

Link Posted: 8/23/2005 7:37:39 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Win_88:
It's only a matter of time..
Were next.

That was why I posted this, see what happens when the un gets involved............
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 7:39:45 PM EDT
I posted about this Topic a while back, It's a damn shame fellows

New Zealand Herald ^ | 8/8/05 | Elizabeth Binning

Police get semi-automatic rifles, test stun gun

08.08.05 11.35am

By Elizabeth Binning and NZPA

Frontline police are being trained in the use of military-style semi-automatic rifles and are to trial a 50,000-volt stun gun.

During the next few months frontline staff nationwide will do a three-day course in how to use a Bushmaster XM15 M4A3 weapon.

And police will test the Taser stun gun, which has been linked to 70 deaths in the United States and was used in Britain in the arrest of one of the London bombing suspects.

The gun fires a 50,000-volt charge causing the subject's muscles to contract uncontrollably.

The 880 new semi-automatic weapons will replace the old Remington rifles, which they have used since 1993. In Auckland, the first group of officers have already completed training.

Police Association president Greg O'Connor said he had heard positive feedback about the new weapons, with staff feeling better equipped to deal with criminals carrying illegal military-style weapons.

"One comment I did hear a police officer make was, 'Well now we have what some of the bad guys have got'."

Mr O'Connor said the upgrade to semi-automatics was not a reason for the public to be concerned.

"The old bolt-actions are starting to show their age, so it's a bit of an upgrade really. We are still an unarmed police force."

He understood the training on the new weapons was initially for the frontline staff who, if the occasion arose, would use them.

Frontline staff are not usually armed but have access to weapons if needed, and have done for many years.

Funding for the rifles was announced in May when $3 million was allocated to replace the Remingtons.

Assistant Commissioner Peter Marshall said the Bushmaster was identified as the most suitable weapon following a trial of eight rifles.

It was reliable, serviceable and more comfortable to use for smaller-built staff. The Remington rifles will be destroyed over the next few months.

The only opposition to the new rifles has come from the Greens' police spokesman, Keith Locke, who fears the weapons will lead to American-style killings. He has urged police to proceed with caution.

But Mr Marshall said police would use firearms as a last resort to protect themselves or others from harm.

The stun guns use a compressed nitrogen gas cartridge to fire a 6.4-metre-long copper wire with barbed prongs at the tip, which can penetrate up to 5cm of clothing.

Superintendent John Rivers, of the Police Commissioner's Office, said the gun was intended to "induce compliance" without substantial risk to the offender, police or the public.

In the year-long trial, police are looking at the risks involved in using the gun, the legal implications and which groups might use it.

The Police Association said the gun would be useful when police are confronted by methamphetamine-fuelled offenders, on whom pepper spray is ineffective.

Link Posted: 8/23/2005 7:43:14 PM EDT
Seems like NZ bends over for the UN every chance they get.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 8:27:47 PM EDT
The UN can suck my balls, RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT!
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