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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/1/2002 1:44:44 PM EST
[Last Edit: 7/1/2002 4:15:22 PM EST by Slacker]
My favorite dog in the world. [img]http://personalpages.tds.net/~eflanagin/BillieGlock.JPG[/img] Colt Anaconda w/aimpoint 5000 5 MOA. My favorite bowling pin gun. [img]http://personalpages.tds.net/~eflanagin/Anacondacan.JPG[/img] Yes, thats a trash can this M72 is sitting on. The scope is a IER 2.5x32 loopie. This is one fast little 22 WMR. I think the overall design lends itself very well to having excellent pointing characteristics. Add a IER scout scope with low magnification and you've got yourself a lightning fast little rifle. I'd love to shoot some moving targets with this rifle. [img]http://personalpages.tds.net/~eflanagin/M72can.JPG[/img]
Link Posted: 7/1/2002 1:54:43 PM EST
Wouldn't the deck rail have been a better backdrop?!
Link Posted: 7/1/2002 1:56:55 PM EST
I like the Anaconda!!! Do you hunt with it? But the dog looks like it'd be happier wearing a Kimber hat. [:D]
Link Posted: 7/1/2002 2:00:18 PM EST
Nice guns and even nicer trash can. Wouldn't the guns look better on the kitchen table or any other place but the trash can??????
Link Posted: 7/1/2002 2:07:03 PM EST
Originally Posted By Yankee1911: I like the Anaconda!!! Do you hunt with it?
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I only get to deer hunt one week per year and yes, I do always bring it with me. Originally I bought it to hunt from a treestand with (30-06 was too much gun and too bulky). Now I use it to shoot pins with (44 spl) It has a fast DA lock time and its deadly accurate. Great shooting wheelgun. I wouldn't part with it.
Link Posted: 7/1/2002 2:08:28 PM EST
[Last Edit: 7/1/2002 2:10:13 PM EST by Slacker]
Originally Posted By Balzac72: Wouldn't the deck rail have been a better backdrop?!
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Freakin' critics...[grenade]
Link Posted: 7/1/2002 2:11:43 PM EST
Link Posted: 7/1/2002 2:14:03 PM EST
Originally Posted By madhater: NOW THATS A NICE TRASH CAN.
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You think thats nice? You should see the trash!
Link Posted: 7/1/2002 2:21:27 PM EST
I feel your pain re: the critics, Slacker!! I posted pics of a few guns taken on my deck and I got a bunch of flack about how the deck wood was dried out and needed staining, etc....[B)] Nevermind that I'm going to replace the deck this year.... BTW, it looks like you need to repaint that wall by the trash can - some drywall work is showing...[;D][;D][;D]
Link Posted: 7/1/2002 2:51:31 PM EST
"Buddy" lives! Love them Labs. I have a yellow one myself.
Link Posted: 7/1/2002 3:33:35 PM EST
I love dogs. And yes, every so often I'd do the same thing to my dog while I was growning up. Hats, t-shirts, sunglasses.... Every time my Golden would put up with it to a point, rest her soul. But she'd give me the same look just as your dog is in the picture. It's as if they're saying... "Ok, have your fun. I'll put up with it for now. But, you are still being a jackass...
Link Posted: 7/1/2002 11:33:55 PM EST
Which camera are you using?
Link Posted: 7/1/2002 11:52:45 PM EST
Oooh, I'l play. My pitbull. 70+pounds of pure RAGE!(just kidding, he's a sweetheart and hasn't eaten my mom's 6 week old Pekinese puppy yet!) [img]www.ar15.com/members/albums/Waverunner%2FRoshi1%2Ejpg[/img] My favorite close range anti-terrorist eliminator(Dan Wesson Pointman Guardian Duce 1911): [img]www.ar15.com/members/albums/Waverunner%2FDWSlide2%2Ejpg[/img] My newest toy, an SAI modified AK-74. [img]www.ar15.com/members/albums/Waverunner%2FSAI%2DAK%2D74%2DLeftSide%2DView%­2Ejpg[/img]
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