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Posted: 9/21/2005 11:36:46 AM EDT
If this isn't the right place for it, this can be moved.

I am being asked to help with a photo club for a local Junior High. The district its in is, quite frankly, poor. They have NOTHING at all to start with, other than enthusiasm and kids. This is Del Valle ISD in the Austin, Texas area. Most of these kids aren't going to have cameras at home they can play with, either.

What they would like is to be able to field 10-15 cameras for students to shoot pictures with. Right now they are planning on getting disposable cameras from local stores to have the kids use.

What I'm looking for is help getting them some donations of more long-term equipment. I doubt that anyone out there has a dozen cameras they're willing to send in, but if you know someone at a camera company, or photo store who would be willing to help out that would be great! Even four or five good cameras would be nice. (obviously, these are Junior high kids, so they don't need high-end digital bodies with $1000 lenses) I have an old Canon Rebel body (and lens) I'm going to send for their use. I'm going to be hitting local photo stores to see what they can help with as well.

Link Posted: 9/22/2005 4:55:50 AM EDT
Might I suggest hitting up local universities as well? A lot of student publications (yearbooks, newspapers) and university publications (PR departments, etc) are moving to digital or have in the last few years, so you might be able to score some equipment that way.

I know here everything goes to a "University Auction" every semester -- you might find something like that at a local university. Also, you might be able to have the district you're working with (if its public schools, and it sounds like it is since I don't know of many poor private schools) request said items from a state funded university -- you might get them completely free.
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