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Posted: 2/15/2006 4:02:59 AM EST
Several months back,I purchased my teenage a new cell phone.He along with most teens these days,like to text & take pics,& now the phones can store & play music.What ever happened to the days of dial, talk,click?
The phone set me back three times the price of my cheapo phone,which I always have but seldom use.
Now the problem,when I bought the motorola Roker E1,I decided I'd better insure it,Done deal.
Fast foreward to yesterday,Son drops the phone in the pond while fishing.Yes I thought the same thing.me:"You're fishing,and trying to talk on the phone at the same time?"son:"GHAAADD Dad,whut's the matter?You're gonna stroke out on us if you don't simma down over the wet phone,GHHHEESE!!!"
Son is still breathing because,I remember It's insured,so I call the service and find out that, yes the phone is covered.But after I give the phone's I.D. to the person,I am told that this phone and the blackberry types are not covered,WTF?!?And that I should have not been able to insure this type of phone.But as a courtesy They will send another phone,and I will not be billed the $50 deductable.The replacement phone will not be insured?!?I tell them to hold it,we had an agreement,they sold me the insurance?So....today I'll go to the area's rep where the purchase was made,and see what can be done.But my wife is telling me to accept the deal that is being offered,and move on.They could care less about one customer,every one has a cellphone./Steppin down from soapbox/
Link Posted: 2/15/2006 4:12:01 AM EST
They replaced the phone, you came out ahead.

When the new phone comes, it's yours.

If your sone needs/deserves a phone give him your old one.

Next time make him pay for his own phone.
Link Posted: 2/15/2006 4:17:56 AM EST
Good thing the outcome was favorable to you. Geez, disclosure on the part of the sales rep is what's needed. He was probably just trying to sign up enough people on the insurance policy to get enough "credits" for a bonus spiff or commission. You may want to look at other carriers for coverage. Most people think that cellphone companies have the monopoly on cellphone insurance. They don't actually.
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