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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 4/7/2006 5:32:07 PM EST
[Last Edit: 4/7/2006 5:37:00 PM EST by Spade]
Hey folks. Some of you may know that I'm a grad student. Recently I changed my thesis topic to basically an oral history sort of thing of Operation Chromite, the invasion of Inchon. I was kinda surprised that nobody had done such a thing, but there's not much work at all done on Inchon at all (or Korea really). Most of what does exist is on the Reservoir.

Anyway, if you've read The Longest Day, or Band of Brothers, or Chosin, it's that kinda thing. How units planned, moved, fought etc, from the viewpoint of the pilots, Marines, sailors and soldiers that drove the landing craft, guys on the destroyers and carriers, etc. Since I'm just starting, the details are in the air on how broad and such I can be. And yes, I hope to turn it into a book after I turn it into a Masters degree.

Anyway, I need people of course. Checking up with various groups to try and find people. Currently I have one, my grandfather (an ANGLICO) and he doesn't like to talk. So if you know somebody, or have the diaries, photos, or whatever of a relative who has passed on or doesn't feel like talking but can pass on documents (photocopies of course), that works too. Anything really at this point, especially living people that wish to be interviewed.

Also, the History staff for the Marines at Quantico are some of the best people around. Including my research work, one of them, on the side, managed to find my great uncle's casualty card and by calling in a favor got a copy of his silver star citation. If you need history on a Marine or such, they'll take care of you.

Anyway, any help of contacts are appreciated. I'm looking for anybody. Marine infantry, tankers, drivers, supply guys, commo guys. If they were there on the Sept 15 or in the couple days after, I want to talk to them. Right now I want to focus on the landing itself, but if I can't get a lot I may expand it to the capture of Kimpo, or Seoul. Prefer just to do the landing though.
Link Posted: 4/7/2006 5:48:14 PM EST
Well I know my FIL was a Tanker in Korea but he has NEVER talked about it to his family. Wife was very surprised when he started talking about it to me one day. He had 3 tanks burned out under him, but he would not get into any depth past that. Rest was basically the cold, rain, crappy weather, and the typical stuff GIs bitch about. Really doubt he would open up much more about anything.

The wife never even knew he was a tanker, just that he was in. It was a shitty war.
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