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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/17/2001 6:41:36 PM EST
from Gamecocks. They did not request, they DEMANDED this. What's next: Bulldogs Yellow Jackets (wasps) Gators Razorbacks Bruins Nittany Lions I would just love for some university to publicly tell them to FUCK OFF! I know it won't happen, but I wish.
Link Posted: 10/17/2001 6:43:34 PM EST
[b]I[/b] wouldn't want to have cock in [b]my[/b] name.
Link Posted: 10/17/2001 6:44:10 PM EST
I am a peta member.. [b]P[/b]oeple [b]E[/b]ating [b]T[/b]asty [b]A[/b]nimals... Aviator [img]www.milpubs.com/aviator.gif[/img]
Link Posted: 10/17/2001 6:44:52 PM EST
Let them ask Lou Holtz, I'm sure he'll have a nice answer for them.
Link Posted: 10/17/2001 6:54:18 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/17/2001 6:50:29 PM EST by Sukebe]
Game Cocks is one of the best team names in college sports, right up there with the Oregon State Beavers. I have a buddy who went to graduate school at USC. I visited him often and I always had a ball. There was a bar right off campus called "Pappys" that put an olive in your pitcher everytime you filled up. You could keep score by counting the olives in the bottom of the pitcher. We saw Hootie and the Blowfish playing at "Group therapy" before they were famous. It's a great party school. We did a dine and dash at the Capitol diner one night in a drunked stupor. I felt bad the next day when I remembered what we did and went back and paid up including a big tip.
Link Posted: 10/17/2001 7:11:22 PM EST
Link Posted: 10/17/2001 7:13:23 PM EST
Personally, I've always thought they should call themselves the "Fighting Chickens." Most people don't know what gamecock fighting is anyway.z
Link Posted: 10/18/2001 5:05:27 AM EST
Originally Posted By Sukebe: There was a bar right off campus called "Pappys" that put an olive in your pitcher .... We saw Hootie and the Blowfish playing at "Group therapy" ... It's a great party school... We did a dine and dash at the Capitol diner ...
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Far out. You are really bringing back some memories. I lived in the dorm directly across the street from Pappy's for 2 years. Pappy was in the US Army and spent time in a Ranger Battalion before getting out and buying the restaraunt. He always made us ROTC types welcome, so on Tuesdays and Thursdays the place was full of Army, Marine, and Navy ROTC. (I guess the AF pukes don't drink!). I was there a lot since it was right across the street. Oh, yeah the olive was in the beer because Pappy called a piticher a working mans martini. The restaruant motto was "This ain't Burger King, you get it MY WAY or you don't get the SOB" Do you remember the John Wayne? "Salute the Duke!" Group Therapy! Ah, the poor folks who never experienced this place in its hedday. People stood in line for hours to get in this place on weekends. It was always beyond capacity and you litterally had to wait for someone to leave before they'd let the next person in. I practically lived there for the years I was in Columbia and couldn't count of the number of "meaningful relationships" and one nighters I pulled out of there. (Including one major coyote after many, too many) Man, if Pappys was still there, I'd love treat everybody to big batch of wings, some John Wayne burgers and Pitchers while we discussed the merits of the PETA demands!
Link Posted: 10/18/2001 5:12:46 AM EST
Originally Posted By bunghole: [b]I[/b] wouldn't want to have cock in [b]my[/b] name.
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[>:/]Yet, bunghole is exceptable to you??[>:/] sgtar15
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