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Posted: 3/11/2001 5:53:22 PM EDT
OK, not much makes me be really "serious", but after reading Ann Landers in
todays (Sunday) paper I had to let everyone know about this.
After reading this BS from this "Retired US Navy" person I hope that you
will feel the same as I do.
I take it to be an insult to our Country, our Servicemen and Service women,
and an insult to all patroitic Americans.
Please take the time to write Ann Landers and point out to her that if she
and Howard Cook both think that Viet Nam is such a wonderful place then they
need to go move there.
Viet Nam is STILL a communist country no matter how much relations between
our countries have warmed up in the past few years.
I myself think that this "Howard Cook" is nothing more than a shill, a
frontman for the freedom grabbers and anti-Constitution people that our
country is so filled with these days.
That's gun-grabbers in plain english.
The RIGHT to own firearms is a RIGHT that was guarenteed by the Founding
What's wrong with Ann and Howard? Did they ever stop to think what OTHER
RIGHTS we have as Americans that the Vietnamese don't have?
If Howard Cook and Ann Landers are so worried about the deaths in America
then perhaps they would both be writing about the (1997 numbers, last
numbers on record with the CDC)
of 1,186,039 legal abortions were reported to the CDC.

In any case, please feel free to drop Ann Landers a note to let he know how
you feel about this, and demand an apology from her on behalf of TRUE
AMERICANS AND VETRANS all across America.
Here is where you can write to Ann Landers.

And if any of you know this Howard Cook personaly please let me know. I just
want to find out what the hell this commie was doing in my Navy for 27

>From the Sunday, March 11 Ann Landers:
Vietnamese society is a model of morality
Dear Ann:
In a column of yours that appeared a while back, you mentioned that you had
visited Vietnam in 1967 to cheer up our American soldiers who were in
hospitals over there.
That must have given them quite a boost to see someone from home.

I wish you could see Viet Nam now. My wife and I took our daughter there
recently, and it is truly a garden spot. I served in the US Navy for 27
years and worked in Viet Nam as a military aircraft mechanic. I left the
country in 1975.

I have a column you wrote several years back, deploring the 30,000 deaths by
guns in the US every year. In Viet Nam, civilians are not permitted to have
Anyone who breaks this law gets three years in jail - which means one bowl
of rice a day. Period. I admit it's strict, but it is certainly effective.

The police in Viet Nam have a baton and a whistle. There is no litter
anywhere, and I mean NONE. These people are incredibly gentle and have the
highest moral standards. There is enormous family pride. Children there
behave beautifully because they do not want to embaress their parents.
Lovely, isn't it? We could learn a lot from the Vietnamese. I am - HOWARD F.
Link Posted: 3/11/2001 6:46:04 PM EDT
I'd love to see Ann's reply if you have it handy.

This guy is a commie if I ever smelled one. What a pile of horse poop!

The visible police force may only carry batons, but you do not repress an entire country with only a baton. Rest assured that there are men, many of them in fact, with automatic weapons, quite willing to take out anyone who does not toe the line.

Link Posted: 3/11/2001 7:01:48 PM EDT
why won't people like this just move?!
Link Posted: 3/11/2001 7:42:17 PM EDT
I forgot the reply:

From Ann:
Dear Howard Cook:
Your letter brought back some warm and beautiful memories. When I visited our hospitalized soldiers in 1967, I too, was impressed by how respectful and well-behaved the children were.
I thank you for sharing your story with my readers.
Link Posted: 3/11/2001 8:38:58 PM EDT
Link Posted: 3/11/2001 8:51:15 PM EDT
my sentiments exactly Hangfire
Link Posted: 3/11/2001 9:58:12 PM EDT
He still has the wash rag stuck between his ears for a weekly brainwashing.  There are lots of liers out there (mil record), and he could be one.
Link Posted: 3/11/2001 11:33:38 PM EDT
Link Posted: 3/12/2001 2:47:41 AM EDT
I made note of that column and was waiting to see if anyone else noticed that subtle piece of communist propaganda.
Link Posted: 3/12/2001 2:57:08 AM EDT
"When I visited our hospitalized soldiers in 1967,"

1967 ???
Link Posted: 3/12/2001 9:54:45 AM EDT
Funny how he did not point out that the military in Vietnam carries more than a baton and whistle.  And unlike here they have no qualms about using the military against their own citizenery.  Like many of you I noticed the blatant communist propaganda.  

"See if you would all just give up your selfish freedoms, we could have a peaceful, respectful society, where everyone lives in harmony...."

It's also amusing how he did not describe the abject squalor these people live in.  Of course their family units are strong, that's all they have to give them any semblance of humanity.

This, as we all know, is the price of a LACK of freedom.

Hmmmm....I think I'm going to send this response to her as well.  I doubt it will get printed, but you never know.


Link Posted: 3/12/2001 2:01:43 PM EDT
I have a uncle that was a POW in Vietnam and I am sure he can think of a few things else that the little bastards can do.  Wonder what else we can learn from them...
Link Posted: 3/12/2001 3:17:49 PM EDT
How old are you Oslow?
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