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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/24/2001 11:51:49 AM EST
18,000 U.S. troops train in Egypt EL-ALAMEIN, Egypt — No less than 18,000 U.S. servicemen, some of them from the Navy and the Special Forces, are taking part in Operation Bright Star training maneuvers, which involve some 65,000 troops, including 40,000 Egyptians until Nov. 1. Two armies face each other in the Bright Star war games. The first comes from the imaginary "Orange state" which has invaded an oil- and water-rich region in the desert near El-Alamein and consists of 10,000 Egyptian infantry and U.S. Navy servicemen. The second army, from the imaginary "Green country" or "allies," counts among its ranks mainly U.S., Italian and French troops and is launching a counterattack to take back its positions.
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Ok WTF didn’t we just call up 30,000 reservists?? The ‘WAR’ in Afghanistan is really just a smokescreen to placate the American people. Powell has talked GW into playing OTW (other than war) here. Thus we get ‘wargames’ and ters hiding in mosques. FUCK!!! This has TARFU written all over it.
Link Posted: 10/24/2001 5:40:55 PM EST
This is an annual deal. No biggie! -- Only this year you have a bunch of pissed off, crazy Egyptians, (because of the real war). Don't think I would like to come out and play this year. -- Good luck to the troops involved!! -- ALLONS11
Link Posted: 10/24/2001 6:05:18 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/24/2001 6:00:43 PM EST by No_Reflex_Zone]
I kinda remember clusterfu err BS1 in ’97. Not my point. What erks the livin piss outa me is this ‘coalition building’ jazz. The fucking Saudis have had the US for a human shield for a freeking decade. Literally hundreds of American lives down the shit hole defending them from Mr. Mustache and still “NO AIRFIELD FOR JOO.” The Egyptian army is fucking T central. Al Jizra is getting major play every time they can find some dude without an AK in his hand. And we are still approaching this like fucking Jimmy Carter and we are gonna get our clock cleaned. To hell with the ‘post-taliban’ Afghanistan, they need to be getting 24/7 B52 play. To hell with Mr. Mustache, candy gram his shit. This is not the time for ‘shuttle diplomacy’ it’s time for the pimp stick and a swift kick in the balls. GW is playing this just like Kennedy played with North Vietnam.
Link Posted: 10/24/2001 7:40:24 PM EST
Well , hell we shouldn't be training with the egyptians anyways. And not only that; we, over the past half decade, have sold them 640 M1A1 Main Battle Tanks <---Source is Jane's Defense Weekly. I couldn't believe that crap either. I HAVE COME BY ONE IMMUTABLE TRUTH FROM READING HISTORY. EVERY TIME THERE IS TECHNOLOGICAL PARITY ON THE BATTLEFIELD WE GET INTO A DAMN WAR. THAT TRANSLATES INTO EVERY TIME OUR ENEMIES GET WEAPONS ON THE CALIBER OF THE UNITED STATES WE HAVE TO GO TO WAR WITH THOSE SAME PEOPLE. SO WHAT DO WE DO, WE SELL THEM MORE WEAPONS. Weapons the Egyptians shouldn't even be able to get their hands on. BUT HAY WE CUT OUR MILITARY SPENDING SO THE COMPANIES LIKE GENERAL DYNAMICS WENT OVERSEAS TO FIND ORDERS, WELL THEY FOUND THEM. AND NOW IN WWIII WILL WE HAVE TO THEN EVENTUALLY TURN AND FIGHT THOSE VERY SAME EGYPTIANS WITH OUR M1A1 ABRAMS MBT'S. I HOPE NOT. Did we at least warp he barrels so they can't fire accurately? Did we at least plant explosives in the tanks so that somebody in washington can push a button and blow them all up so we don't have to fight them??? No that would have taken brains.
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