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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/5/2002 1:02:19 PM EST
[Last Edit: 7/5/2002 1:02:46 PM EST by The_Macallan]
Inspired by a question raised on the CNN website:
From CNN: "The deadly Independence Day shooting in Los Angeles has sparked questions about security at U.S. airports. [red]Are Americans ready for even more inconvenience?[/red]"
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Maybe. There's no overestimating what sheeple are willing to give up for the illusion of security. But inconveniencing Americans is not the answer to combatting terrorist on our own soil. However, I have an answer that I have yet to hear anyone in the media, Gov't or anywhere state - and yet it's so obvious. But it's also very frightening to many sheeple who've had their "American spirit" so systematically denigrated, corrupted and beaten down for decades by the "progressive-minded", collectivist, think-globally-act-locally crowd of liberals in control of the media and education. I would like just once for Bush or ANY prominent leader to come forward with the one answer, yes even the one single word, that could lift us up out of this prison of fear and catatonic inability to confront these terrorists in our own homeland. This one single word is the very reason we are hated around the world, the one reason millions of ratfaced MoslemMaggots want to kill each and every one of us and, paradoxically, in the end it will be the only thing that could defend us from them. This one word is like a stake through the hearts of the MoslemMaggots who are waging war against us. No, it is not our "tolerance" that will help. Tolerance is what is crushing our spirit to fight back. No, it is not our "equality" that will help. Equality is what's keeping our head in the sand about who we are actually at war with. No, it is not our "fairness" that will help. Fairness is keeping us from identifying who among us is likely to be a terrorist. No, it is not our "diversity" that will help. Diversity is what is forcing us to keep potential terrorists who are not citizens living among us. No, it is not our "security" that will help. Security as being implemented now is just a blanket smothering the most sacred possession we have and the very thing we are trying to defend in our war against these MoslemMaggot terrorists. No, the one word that needs to be uttered over and over again by our leaders and put into wider and wider practice by our citizens is... - - - continued - - -
Link Posted: 7/5/2002 1:03:27 PM EST
[Last Edit: 7/5/2002 1:03:43 PM EST by anti-gov-tinfoil-man]
Link Posted: 7/5/2002 1:06:12 PM EST
- - - continued - - - [b]"[red]FREEDOM[/red]"[/b]. Why is it that the more "inconvenienced" we American citizens have become, the easier it is for criminals and terrorists to wage war against us? Why is it that the more we are disarmed in public places, the easier it is for criminals and terrorists to run rampant among us? Why is it that the more "WE", [u]the free citizens of this nation[/u], have our freedoms stripped from us and are treated like "THEM", the non-citizen potential-terrorists, all in the name of "equality", it becomes so much easier for these terrorists to blend into our society? The more personal liberties we surrender, the less places WE can carry guns to defend ourselves, the less "sacred" WE are as citizens compared to "them" in the eyes of OUR Gov't, the more WE become like sheep merely to be corraled, sheered, branded, and eventually slaughtered in a state of defenseless stupor, the more our Gov't thinks it is "winning" our war against terrorists. Remember, it is the sense of our freedom, our INDIVIDUAL freedom, that created our nation 226 years ago and that is the ONLY thing that can turn a nation of 280 million potential victims into 280 million defenders and eventual victors in this war. Our freedom is not just a freedom to choose who to vote for or what church to attend or what car to buy or what color clothes to wear. Our freedom is also a freedom to arm ourselves in self-defense in those places where we are most likely to be confronted by terrorists, not in our home but in public. But it is not just our right to arm ourselves in self-defense, it is our DUTY. We owe our ancestors, who took up arms time and time again in defense of our freedoms our lives and our nation and it's our duty to THEM to defend what they died for. We owe our fellow citizens who are unable or no longer able to defend themselves the upmost efforts to defend them, as many of them would for us. And we owe our children who are are future these same freedoms and liberties that have been GIVEN to us by God at birth and protected for us by so many brave citizens for hundreds of years. We ought to pledge allegience, not to the flag right now, but to securing and protecting ourselves and our nation against all enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC. And we don't defend our freedoms by giving them up. It is the free and full exercise of ALL of our freedoms as citizens, including the freedom to bear arms in self-defense, that will create within our people, an adversary of such immense and inconquerable power and that no enemy could EVER shake, panic, weaken or topple. [b]Freedom[/b]. Please, let me hear just ONE of our leaders calling for us to exercise MORE of our freedom in our defense, not calling for more "inconveniences" and restrictions on our freedom.
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