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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/30/2001 11:05:42 AM EST
Are you ready for war today? Yesterday is Marine Corps history and tomorrow is too damn late! Subject: One guy's view Forwarded from a Harrier pilot, USMC. His view... Dear American's, When I opened my e-mail this morning I had about twenty forwards of the article written by Gordon Sinclair, the Canadian who so eloquently praised the United States. What most of you do not realize is that this commentary was written many years ago. Those of us in the Military Service have known about it for a long time. Now, Americans are flooding the net with it as if it were new. It is not. When it was written most Americans didn't read it, because most Americans did not care. The tragedy that befell all of us on September 11th shocked America. America no longer feels safe. Many of you have said, "The government should have known! 30 Billion Dollars is spent on intelligence! What about the Military!?" Just a reminder America, you voted our government into office. For years you allowed some dishonest politicians and twisted television media personalities to shape your ideas about the defense of our nation. Why? Because most Americans were too lazy to look beyond the three minute sound-bites on the evening news. Here's a news flash not being broadcast much, "On September 11th, America had the exact level of protection, both militarily and intelligence, that it was willing to pay for". Only yesterday the Congress and the Senate approved 40 BILLION dollars as a "Down Payment" to fight this War. A short time ago, our politicians said a 100 Million dollar increase for the Navy budget was substantial. In that same bill they ordered the Navy to conduct an 85 Million Dollar Study on...guess what America!? Missiles Defense?! No. Desperately needed parts for our fighter aircraft? Wrong again. Training for Navy Seals? Nah uh. They wanted Breast Cancer research. Yes, America, your elected officials decided that the US Navy needed more mammograms and less missiles. Was this an under the table sneaky move? No, it was right out in the open. The Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of the Navy both opposed it. A New York Senatorial Candidate (Yes, she's the one) was enraged that the Military would be so sexist and irresponsible to the needs of civilians and wanted the Navy to give the money back immediately! But the media paid it little mind. So, America paid little attention. Did any one ever watch CSPAN? Particularly when the Heads of our Armed Services essentially begged OUR representatives to give the Military more money to fight terrorism and maintain a strong defense? Did you see the debates by the Heads of the Intelligence Services that terrorism was the new threat? They told the committees of Congress that the CIA, the FBI, and the Service did not have the money to build the necessary intelligence networks in the areas where terrorists were being harbored. They warned again and again that there was clear and present danger within America's borders. America must have been watching one of the other 114 satellite channels. The Military said: "We need more money to maintain military readiness and Combat Training."
Link Posted: 10/30/2001 11:06:28 AM EST
(cont.) America Answered : "What the Military needs is Sensitivity Training! You're all sexist homophobes! I saw it on 60 Minutes!" The Military said: "We need money to build ships, planes, tanks, and improve our technology. America still has credible threats throughout the world. Terrorism will come to America's doorstep." America Answered: "You're all part of a vast right-wing conspiracy. There is no more Soviet Threat! My Senator told me so! He/She says we do not need such a big military! You're dinosaurs trying to hold onto the Cold War! We need Social Programs!" The Military said: "We need to recruit more Americans into the military. We need to increase our force." America Answered: "You're not taking my kids! We're going to shut down the ROTC programs at our high schools and universities, because you discriminate against alternative lifestyles! ROTC teaches CHILDREN (under 21) how to shoot guns! You just want another Columbine! Rosie and Oprah say so!" The Military said: "We can't keep interfering in the civil wars of small insignificant countries. It wastes our time, expends our resources, decreases training, and demoralizes our troops. The men and women of the United States are Warriors trying to defend OUR nation, we are not the third world's police force." America Answered: "You heartless bastards! Can't you see the tear in the eye of that starving child!! There are flies on her face for Christ's Sake!? Get Moving! Jesse Jackson on CNN said that is what we pay you for!" The Military Asked: "Why isn't America enraged over the terrorist attack on the USS COLE that killed seventeen AMERICAN Sailors? How about the Air Force barracks bombed in Saudi Arabia? The embassy staffs in Africa? The Soldiers mutilated and dragged through the streets in Somalia?" America Answered: "We don't have time right now! We're busy defending Animal Rights! Our schools are handing out automatic weapons! The federal government is discriminating against cross-dressing Bolivian hermaphrodites! The police are all members of the Ku Klux Klan! The lack of Ozone is ruining my tan! If they cut deeper into Food Stamps those poor women will have to move down to Size 18/20 Channel dresses! AND THE WORST! Corporations are raising the prices of their products sooo high I might not be able to afford the multi-disc DVD Player for my 36'" digital ready TV! Besides, YOU GUYS ARE PAID TO DIE! So, America, while you sit on your couch or around your office coffee pots and ask, "Why did those terrorists kill innocent civilians? Why didn't they go after the Military?" Remember this America: They already had but America didn't care. These Terrorists realized that they needed to kill American Civilians, and lots of them, before they could have their desired reaction from the people of this country. Well, now they have it. Semper Fidelis
Link Posted: 10/30/2001 11:13:18 AM EST
AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN AND AMEN AGAIN to everything that guy just said! That's some great stuff that you'll never hear from Dan RatherBiased or 60 minutes! This guy's message needs to get out to all civilians so that they will never forget the importance of our military. Somehow I doubt this will be the case. [:(] [marines]
Link Posted: 10/30/2001 11:21:16 AM EST
A lot of these types of things circulate around the net, and I'm leary of thinking it written by a Marine because it goes uncredited, but I think the spirit in which it was written and what it says are very true. God Bless Texas
Link Posted: 10/30/2001 11:38:01 AM EST
[Last Edit: 10/30/2001 11:31:44 AM EST by trickshot]
Power hungry war mongers. What makes you think that increasing the alredy huge budget of the military will change anything? As with education, we've seen time and time again that just throwing money down a hole does nothing at all to improve the situation. We're dealing with gigantic, overstuffed egos here and those guys are going to have to take a bath on this one because they're the assholes who didn't prioritize. So before any more of my income gets confiscated in the name of national security, I want some fucking answers and I want some heads to roll!
Link Posted: 10/30/2001 11:39:21 AM EST
Well, what other fall-out can we expect from the clinton-gore regieme?..........[grenade]
Link Posted: 10/30/2001 4:58:43 PM EST
Well done, Garandman. As far as it not being credited to a named Marine, that doesn't bother me. A Marine officer could still get his ass in a crack for printing something like that with his name on it, even if Klinton is gone. Freedom of speech doesn't exist within the military. That monologue was too true. Americans have had their heads buried in the sand, and now we're paying the inevitable price for our complacency.
Link Posted: 10/30/2001 5:12:36 PM EST
Makes you want to burn your couch, loose weight, and stop watching the damn liberal news! P.S. Rush Limbaugh is an excellent source for news!
Link Posted: 10/30/2001 5:43:02 PM EST
before we pour more money into the military, we should first clean up the ranks, especially the upper ranks. There are way too many generals who are just yes men. The problem is that the military is too isolated form pop culture. Especially during peacetime where people think it's just a nuisance, sucking up tax dollars and young people. Then when war comes people start with the whole patriotism crap. What we need is a system like most of the other countries in the world, mandatory military service. 2 years minimum for all males of military age. Just to give everyone a taste of military life and do their part in the service.
Link Posted: 10/30/2001 11:24:33 PM EST
A selfcreated problem by the polichickens who decided that if you come under fire you can't say M***fu*er any more ,but gosh we are taking fire here. That is why the Dutch military does allow females in all branches of the military except the Marines, Special Forces, Airmobile units and light infantry units. The only females that go in harms way are F16 pilots and AH64 pilots(there two or three right now IIRC).
Link Posted: 10/30/2001 11:55:06 PM EST
I would like to compliment you on the above work. I have been very pissed off for several years now. when I returned home in october of 1995 from Saudi Arabia on the news all that was being talked about was the olympic park bombing. It enraged me to know that the fatality most people were talking about was a result of a reporter running to cover the bombing having a heart attack and dying. I am sorry for his familys loss but if he was going to run to get a story he should have been in better shape. Now here is my story it is a story that wasn't in the news very much and is so etched into my brain. wednesday night 25 june 1995 Guardmount (shift briefing in the AF) we were just bombed gentelmen! I thought I am not going I haven't been back from Kuwait for more than 6 months. next morning pack your MO bag your going. I got my gear and out the door I went (one of my best friends was in daharan when the bomb went off). We arive in the Kingdom of saudi Arabia the smell of death and blood was still in the air I have never smelled it like that before. My friend mike meets me says he is ok but his room was destroyed. he is on shift so I grab my rifle and we go for a walk. WARNING the rest is a little graphic he takes me into the tower that was bombed it is a crime scene but We are both Law enforcement so we are allowed in. the tower is very tall as most of you have seen there is blood dried as it runs down the stairs and you can see the outline of a person in the blood on the landing above us. we get to about two floors from the top and we go to the far left side a man was standing by the window when the bomb went off his head hit the wall with such force that it shattered every bone in his skull the blood was sprayed all over the wall his dead body hung out the window long enough for all of the remaining blood to make a 12" path 7 stories down the building. downstairs to the left of the building if you look on the pics there is a small palm tree. The side facing it was covered in blood skin fragments and hair it appears a person was running right next to the fence when the truck went off and they were vaporized. It was a long tour. The next day I went to riyhad to provide security. I talked to mike two days later, while guarding the permiter of the bldg. he found tree sections of human vertabre under one of the destroyed hummers. he was a little freaked out. After the olympic park bombing it seemed like no one worried about us anymore we were "over there" even when I would search the CNN timeline there was a short line for Kohbar and a story for olympic park. I am still mad about that and will never forget what I have seen I hope in the future the american public will not forget our fallen soldiers who died for them. john
Link Posted: 10/31/2001 2:41:04 AM EST
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