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Posted: 3/19/2001 4:30:55 AM EST
I was looking in Shotgun News and noticed their ad, has anybody used them before.  

P.S.  Don't have a copy with me can you also give me their number?
Link Posted: 3/19/2001 5:22:53 AM EST
Whatever you do steer clear of that fat cyclops.
He is the lowest form of Gun dealer, He will 'jack' up the prices if new laws are about to be passed, he treated my wife like a criminal when she paid over 200 dollars OVER the going price of a SLR95 for my B-Day. So he takes advantage of the less informed. Then he had my wife go pick up said rifle from his place of business (small house in the San Fernando Valley),After he delayed an extra week after the ten day waiting period and tried to delay longer, until I got on the phone. Then asked her if she was going to register the weapon when the time came. Before she could respond to such a question, he said " No, you dont look like the type, but I`l sell you it anyway". Bottom feeder.
Check his prices against others, I havent looked lately, he`s usually overpriced and is no friend of Californians. F that fat one eyed sloth.
I implore you to go elsewhere, I thought he`d be out of business by now. I`ve met two other people that will never do business with him again either.
Link Posted: 3/19/2001 6:31:45 AM EST
If he has something you can’t find else ware and just have to have it at any cost then buy it, he wont rip you off. At the last cross roads of the west in Phoenix his prices where over $ 250.00 higher for each C & S metal works 72rd mag for my HK’s and Colt 9mm so I passed on them and purchased direct. His .223 L/W Colt upper was $ 400.00 higher than the one I purchased for my sons AR only a few rows over.
Everything he sells is 20-100% higher than you can find it else ware, if you can find it.

Link Posted: 3/19/2001 10:09:04 PM EST
Agreed.  He comes to some of the gunshows in CO.

He always has a bunch of nice stuff, but he never sells anything.  Here's why:  Preban M4gerys for $2500, HK94s for $4500, Beta C-mags for $700, etc...

I tried to sell him some preban glock22 mags with factory +2 extensions because his were marked at $175 without the extensions.  I just wanted $75 a piece, but he said he'd give me $50 for two since they don't sell well!
Link Posted: 3/19/2001 10:40:22 PM EST
Three words to describe One-Eyed Jack:

[size=3]Ri pO ff[/size=3]
Link Posted: 3/19/2001 11:10:58 PM EST
who are the morons that keep him in business?
the logical thing to do is Shop Around when searching for gun stuff, the tables he gets at the gun shows cost money and i dont see him making much of it
i guess he would rather sell 1 high priced item to make a profit, than sell many low priced items
Link Posted: 3/19/2001 11:22:25 PM EST
Ya- What they said.

Without his high prices he'd be no eyed jack.
Link Posted: 3/19/2001 11:54:36 PM EST
I have bought several Glock mags from him, but only after he gave me a big discount. I wouldnt pay his advertised prices.

FWIW he is one of the dealors that was cited at Pomona by CAL DOJ. Thats one of the reasons he moved to NV.
Link Posted: 3/20/2001 12:33:52 AM EST
Link Posted: 3/20/2001 2:41:48 AM EST
He sets up at the Puyallup show here in Washington.  There's only one thing I hate more than gun-grabbers, and thats people trying to cash in on it!  

It's exploitation, plain and simple!
Link Posted: 3/20/2001 3:50:13 PM EST
Well I bought something from him once, but only because I couldn't find it anywhere else. Way too expensive but I had to have it. On the flip side, I was treated politely and my order was processed quickly and the shipment arrived in good shape and on time.

Sometimes we forget that the sole purpose of a business is to make a profit, period. If he wants to charge high prices, as long as he makes them public and doesn't try to "bait and switch" and delivers what he advertises, I have no problem with him. Some of you act like he killed your dog or something.
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