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Posted: 10/9/2004 6:07:05 AM EDT
John Howard will become the 2nd longest serving Prime Minister...so much for his unpopularity for supporting Bush...

Shows how full of shit the media is. The media was going on about Latham coming from behind and the ALP (Aus Labor Party) coming out on top in the 2 party preferred votes and how unpopular Howard is etc.

In bad news, one fuckwit called Peter Garret, who was the frontman of some band won a seat. The prick is a fuckin tree hugger but went with the ALP instead of the Greens just so he could win. He pisses the hell out of me!

Oh yeah. One of our former PM's, Bob Hawke, holds/held a world record regarding the consumption of beer. I dont exactly remember what it is, but when I heard it, I was like......HOLY SHIT!

And one of our former test cricketers also had/has a world record for drinking beer too! IIRC it was something like 30? cans in a flight from Melbourne? to Tasmania? which is about a 45 min ride or so

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