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Posted: 12/4/2001 6:11:03 AM EST
[Last Edit: 12/4/2001 6:18:01 AM EST by a3kid]
Alright men. All of this media whimpering about the US bombing civilians is starting to get under my skin. Mostly it's the misuse of the term. During WWII, the Germans bombed the sh!t out of the civilian population in London. Britain retaliated with fire raids that burned cities by [b]square miles[/b]. (Anybody remember what "Do a Dresden" means?) The US firebombed alot of Japanese mainland cities with B29's, again incinerating square miles of cities. Some were hit so hard it was days before the smoke had cleared enough to assess the damages. [b]This is proper usage of the term "bombed civilians"[/b]. An errant bomb or two, causing collateral damage it not. Personally, I'm not against the concept at all. It's been used to our benefit in the past and if need be (there isn't one now) I'd have no problem sending in the '52's loaded with incendiaries. I can hear it now *gasp* "You'd condone bombing civilians? You, you, you...savage!!" (Back me in a corner & you might be surprised what I'd do!) [:D]
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raf, Didn't we drop flyers of "lists" of cities on Japan? The idea of warning the civilians first sounds nice, but in all reality I don't think it would have been logistically possible for the civilians to clear out of several major cities at once, would it? (I could be mistaken - I haven't been reading much of my WWII library lately.)
Link Posted: 12/4/2001 6:48:56 AM EST
All that matters to me is who wins. I say we fight to win...regardless of the casualties inflicted on the enemy. Our tactics will be scrutinized for decades and generations to come no matter what the outcome. So, let's make sure that along with the criticisms that the history books also show clearly who the victor was...The United States of America! America is the ONLY country in the world who even attempts to fight war in a humane way (if that is possible). The criticisms are nothing more than distractions and liberal tripe.
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Bomb cilivans, and when you destroy their home, even if it is a hut, you just made a new enemmy. Same happen to us in NAM.
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Link Posted: 12/4/2001 7:13:16 AM EST
Originally Posted By c-rock: Bomb cilivans, and when you destroy their home, even if it is a hut, you just made a new enemmy. Same happen to us in NAM.
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No, what happened to us in Vietnam was that the politicians micromanaged the war and refused to let the military fight it in any sort of clearly-defined, decisive matter. Bombing huts had little if anything to do with it.
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