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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 1/5/2013 5:14:36 PM EDT
Feel free to use this or distribute it anywhere you choose. However, I'd like you to keep it as written, and if you want to add to it or edit it, make it clear what you've added or edited. I was trying to come up with something that would be tight enough that it could be read in a short time and yet had impact and would be difficult to dispute. This is the only place I'll post it. I wrote it this afternoon.



On Law and the Moral Order

1. It is a general principle of morality that the individual is responsible for his or her moral choices.

2. Guilt lies upon the individual, and any corresponding reprimand or sentence of punishment must fall upon that individual for any act done willfully against others without their consent and thus contrary to the central and deep-seated commands of the moral order.

3. The most heinous and wicked of immoral acts are those against children. Moral guilt for such behavior is boundless and immeasurable.

4. Every system of law from the beginning of human society agrees with the moral order in legislating against murder: the willful, morally unjustifiable killing of another human being.

5. Guilt for murder lies upon the individual who has murdered, and an individual who has murdered a child is morally depraved and monstrous.

6. Any individual willing to act against the most fundamental and far-reaching command and law of morality, to murder, has no moral constraints against any law of only human making.

7. Thus no law will constrain the evil among us.

8. The threat of punishment through law cannot preempt evil: it can only denounce and condemn evil after the law has been disobeyed.

9. The question of why there is evil in society is the question of why there are individuals who are evil.

10. Moral commandments and human law cannot remove the evil in society.

11. Any human law declaring an action illegal or any law declaring the possession or use of an object to be illegal cannot constrain evil.

12. The constraint of evil can only be done by force.

13. The threat of force is empty without the ability and willingness to act.

14. Defense against evil cannot be achieved through mere words, but only through physical action when confronted with evil and through the preparation and willingness to engage in such action should evil confront us.

15. Individuals must be prepared, willing and able to act with force against evil when it confronts them.

16. A law that constrains an individual from acting in defense against evil is a law which permits evil itself to act, by law, without the constraint of force.

19. Self-defense is the moral right of the individual to defend the self against the immoral acts of another, and any law constraining that moral right is against the laws of morality, and thus itself an immoral law.

17. Individuals should not be constrained by law against acting in defense against evil when it confronts them, nor should they be harassed and held responsible for the illegal or immoral acts of others.

19. For evil to triumph, the good need only to do nothing.

20. For evil to triumph, the good need only to be prohibited by law to defend against it.

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