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Posted: 2/26/2002 2:29:52 PM EDT
[url]http://www.sierratimes.com/02/02/26/arky022602.htm[/url] "LEXINGTON - Second Amendment activist Charlie Puckett has been arrested by agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, following a federal grand jury indictment, in the midst of a media interview Tuesday. According to an indictment, Puckett faces federal firearms and explosives charges. The indictment says the BATF found machine guns, explosives and other items used to make pipe bombs. Items were seized from Puckett's home in November on suspicion Puckett was a felon in possession of firearms. When today's action took place, the 30 or 40 BATF agents would not show a warrant and would not say why, according to Stracner. "They just said 'we've got a warrant for your arrest.' " "I asked them 'what has Charlie done.' They said 'We'll talk about it later.' I thought I'd be enjoying their company for a while too," Stracner said. "Charlie never said a word." Witnesses at the scene stated that federal agents were very weary of media attention and sought to make the arrest quick for that reason. Puckett was taken into custody without incident. Stracner was put up against a column and searched. One of the agents started to handcuff him, but only made him stand still behind the column for about 10 minutes while they loaded Puckett into a vehicle out of Stracner's sight." All bow down and give thanks to the BATF, for removing another [b]violent[/b], [b]dangerous[/b], [b]nasty[/b] felon from our midst! Good thing they have that supply of rubber-stamped search warrants, or they'd have never caught this scumbag before he used those weapons and bomb-making materials to blow up a pre-school or 3. Guess he had it coming to him, otherwise they wouldn't have come after him.
Link Posted: 2/26/2002 2:55:24 PM EDT
For those who may not know, Puckett is the leader of the Kentucky State Militia.... [url]http://www.kentuckystatemilitia.cc/[/url]
Link Posted: 2/26/2002 2:59:28 PM EDT
COMMENTS FROM THE COMMANDER by Charlie Puckett Ladies and gentlemen: We have all suffered a severe set back due to 9/11. I know a lot of people have really gotten a real shaking from this. I have suffered lately also. Seems like there is no end to it. Even though things are bad we must keep our heads up and move on. It is hard for me to accept what has happened in our once great country. People taking innocent lives for no reason. There is no way I could take a precious life for no reason. I know that all of you feel the same. I have laid in bed at night with tears running down my face thinking about the hundreds of thousands of people that have given their life in battle for what? Freedom, I don't think so! They have given their life for some filthy scumbag internationalist to get his hands on MONEY, OIL, RUBBER, TEXTILES, and NATURAL RESOURCES. We have less than half of the Freedom we had 100 years ago. Now-a-days, it's papers please, and you don't even get the 'please' anymore. You have people running around saying the Constitution is an old document, and worse. You have crooked Judge's saying we are not here on a Constitutional issue. The HELL we're not. Everything this Country stands for is based on the Constitution. If Judges, and others would obey and uphold the Constitution, we would have a lot less crime. We would have fewer hostilities in our world. If it hadn't been for politician's piss poor foreign policy, we wouldn't have had a 9/11. There wouldn't have been a Waco. There wouldn't have been a Ruby Ridge. There wouldn't have been an Oklahoma City. There wouldn't be any crooked politicians. If you think things are bad now, with the NEW piss poor foreign policy, we will have more attacks from more Countries. All this is going to do is get worst. I pray for our Nation , and I pray for the people to have enough guts to stand up to this tyranny that is gripping this ONCE great nation. At this time we are scrapping the bottom of the barrel. I hope this little note will inspire some to rise to the call of duty to Country, and life on this planet as we know it. Charlie Puckett State C/O Kentucky State Militia
Link Posted: 2/26/2002 5:30:08 PM EDT
let's hope his lawyer can prove that these "ex post facto" federal gun laws are in direct violation of the US Constitution, Article 1, Section 9.
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