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Posted: 5/9/2003 5:19:40 PM EST
Anyone here have strange pets? I know someone here has ferrets. My daughter has 3 rats; Nathan, Buster, & George I'm suprised to say out I like them... NO, a SEC is not a strange pet, that's a strange owner [;)]
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 5:26:28 PM EST
Got four ferrets, my wife sort of runs a shelter for them. The most we have had at one time was twelve.
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 6:56:23 PM EST
Hybrid Wolf Boer Goats White Doves
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 7:09:37 PM EST
Does my M1 count?
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 7:20:33 PM EST
had a sugar glider for a while, now its just dog, cats, and reptiles
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 7:42:06 PM EST
I have a ferret named Tito.
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 7:43:10 PM EST
A raccoon named "Desi."
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 7:44:23 PM EST
I miss our rat. Never ever thought that would be the case till the wife thrust one on me. He was a great pet though. Knew his name and came when called, potty trained if you didn't push it too long, and very loving.
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 8:08:04 PM EST
Yup, I got me some odd ones...I call out "Nerve gas!" and they both do this. Freaks out the visitors: [img]http://photos.ar15.com/WS_Content/ImageGallery/IG_LoadImage.asp?iImageUnq=5612[/img]
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 8:15:16 PM EST
Where should I start???? 2 Rottweilers 5 Cats 1 Leadbeater Cockatoo 1 Umbrella Cockatoo 1 Blue Crow Conure 2 Brazillian Rainbow Boas (For SALE) 2 Red Tail Boas 2 Ball Pythons 2 Flying Squirels 1 Tokay Gecko 1 Veiled Chamleon 7 Bearded Dragons 2 Red Eyed Tree Frogs 15 Rats 2 Tanks of fish (large) We think that's it unless a critter slipped in that we don't know about yet
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 8:15:52 PM EST
had a ball python still have the chinchilla
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 8:28:17 PM EST
I have 3 plastic frogs. Easy to take care of. You push down on their back/tail and they jump like a tiddly wink. Cept I got to make the "ribbit" sound.[:D]
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 8:43:02 PM EST
After my dog died, I put his tags and collar on a stuffed animal that looks like him.
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 8:57:22 PM EST
I had a female ferret named Bob and a whole mess of chamelions I caught in Florida. Keving67
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 9:00:05 PM EST
I had 22 baby prairie rattlers in an aquarium, but my wife made me get rid of them the day we came home, & had only 21 left.[:D] of course it had to be the biggest one. Never really located it either. I paid for that one for a long, long time.
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 9:13:42 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 9:57:32 PM EST
3 Dogs: Rottie, GSD and Dutch Shepard 2 Snakes: Ball python and a Dumeril's Boa 1 Rat: Big, ugly mofo Used to have: Savannah monitor Ratllesnake Ferret
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 10:02:39 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 10:06:46 PM EST
I have a parakeet named "Mavis". She knows her name and will come when called.
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 10:14:20 PM EST
With all these dif. animals someone may help me with a ? In the top of my shop there is some kind of poop that looks like chicken poop if you know what I mean. White pile with some black turd strings on top. Opossum???? Several snake skins every once in a while, most recent 6 1/2 ft long,rat snake I guess, Friend said it loked like it may be owl mess but I have never seen one there. Got me bumfulezzed.
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 10:17:38 PM EST
does a road-kill raccoon in the garage freezer count ?
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 10:23:09 PM EST
I used to have some snails.
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 10:23:42 PM EST
I also had a Possum for about two weeks.
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 10:46:20 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/9/2003 10:46:39 PM EST by Terrato]
I've got a racoon family and a few possums that I feed ocassionally, but they never come in the house.
Link Posted: 5/10/2003 3:46:23 AM EST
I have a female amstaff named Charlie and two African Spurred Thigh Tortoise's named Soupy and Maxine. When fully grown thay will weigh 100lbs and measure between 28" and 32" across the carapace.WOW
Link Posted: 5/10/2003 3:58:51 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/10/2003 4:11:02 AM EST by Sumo2000]
Originally Posted By M4_Aiming_at_U: I also had a Possum for about two weeks.
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Opossums must be different in your neck of the woods, down here they are the devil incarnate. Evil little creatures, one of the meanest things around. Hey look! I got me an avatar now![:D]
Link Posted: 5/10/2003 4:01:07 AM EST
We ( the kids) have had a woodchuck, possum, baby skunk for a very short time (not desented), racoons, cats, dogs, snakes, birds, hamsters, of them all, I hated the birds the most, dirty creatures, make a big mess.
Link Posted: 5/10/2003 4:11:29 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/10/2003 4:17:51 AM EST by Phased_Plasma]
does my M1 count?
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do you feed and clean up after it? have you named it? otherwise, no
Link Posted: 5/10/2003 4:14:40 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/10/2003 4:20:19 AM EST by Phased_Plasma]
had a ball python still have the chinchilla
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normally I would expect the ball python to come out ahead of a chinchilla. [;)]
Link Posted: 5/10/2003 4:44:42 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/10/2003 4:50:18 PM EST by az-gunner]
At one point, I had: 2 jungle carpet pythons 3 Hogg Island boas 3 Argentine boas 2 Red Blood pythons 2 Bonreo Blood (short tail) pythons 2 Yellow Ackies (monitors) 5 Leopard geckos 2 corn snakes 1 Blue-point Persian 1 Beagle 1 Dashound 1 Jack Russell 1 Siberian Husky The Borneos and Argentines were each eating 1 small rabit per week, @ $7 each. When I realized that the pet's grocery bill was exceeding the provider, I decided to get out of reptiles and back into guns. The herps and the cat are gone, but another Jack Russell and 2 ferrets have been added.
Link Posted: 5/10/2003 5:08:19 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/10/2003 5:10:53 PM EST by N_Viejo]
I used to have a pet ferret. He would kill and eat live mice and drink beer with me. He made a good drinking buddy. I would put the beer in a little dish and he would go to drink it, but after dipping his nose in he went into a spasm of sneezing fits. Then as soon as he stopped sneezing, he would dive right back into the beer again! What a lush! I learned that I had to set the beer out and let it go flat before I let him drink any, so remember that one. When he got drunk, he would stagger around my apartment. One time he was out and my brother and I were having a few cold ones, and I guess the ferret didn't like that I had cut him off for the night (at <4 lbs. he never could hold his liquor). So he stumbled over, grabbed an empty beer bottle off the floor and dragged it under my bed to lick the little bit remaining off the bottle. I couldn't get him to come out! It was also cool when the ladies would see him and go crazy about how "cute" and "adorable" he was then I told them how he would slaughter live mice and eat them. It was pretty wild watching him eat those mice. He'd pounce right in and grab the mouse behind the head to sever the spinal cord. The mouse would squeel, its tail would whirl around and a second later it'd be dead. What a cool pet! I'm sorry I had to get rid of him when I moved!! Edit to add: I have a photo sequence of my ferret taking out a mouse. If someone wants to host the pictures for me, shoot me an IM with your e-mail and I'll send them to you! I am so proud of my little mouse killer! -Nick Viejo.
Link Posted: 5/10/2003 5:58:06 PM EST
I know a guy who has 2 flying squirrels. They are way cool. They have this huge cage in his bedroom with branches and a bird house in it that they live in. He will close the door to his room and let them out and they zip from one side of the room to the other. He has them so tame you can pet and hold them. SorryOciffer
Link Posted: 5/10/2003 7:14:30 PM EST
I personally own only normal pets. Although my male cat can act odd at times. My sister on the other hand has a African Pygmy Hedgehog naimed Pigwigen. I find her boreing. She isn't even high enough on the food chain to be potty trained.
Link Posted: 5/10/2003 7:21:40 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/10/2003 10:14:48 PM EST
I used to have 3 emperor scorpions. Deathclaw,Hybrid and Tyrant. Deathclaw was awesom, at feeding time I'd drop in about 10 crickets, and he'd burst out of the ground and start stuffing them in his mouth, he'd be sitting there with 2 in each claw, 3 in his mouth,and standing on a couple more. There were cricket parts everywhere. A true massacre.
Link Posted: 5/10/2003 10:25:30 PM EST
Originally Posted By Sumo2000:
Originally Posted By M4_Aiming_at_U: I also had a Possum for about two weeks.
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Opossums must be different in your neck of the woods, down here they are the devil incarnate. Evil little creatures, one of the meanest things around.
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Well, I have come across mean ones and calm ones. The one I had for a little while was just a baby and was calm.
Link Posted: 5/10/2003 10:43:26 PM EST
I have a 5 foot Water Monitor not counting the tell. I was looking at a sloth for a while but after going over the numbers the little bugger would cost around $7,000 to start still would have been a cool pet.
Link Posted: 5/10/2003 11:48:42 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/11/2003 12:20:15 AM EST
A snake. I like to watch him stalk and wrestle with his "food" when I feed him.
Link Posted: 5/11/2003 1:10:11 AM EST
No exotic pets for me, just my Shetland Sheepdog. Although I think he's a cross between a full sized collie and a shetland. He's not fat but he weighs almost 50 pounds. I got him when he was about 9 months old and he has acted like a puppy ever since. Funny little guy. He'll hike with me to the ends of the earth. Won't drink beer. Has all sorts of quirky stuff that he does. And it's like he never sleeps. If I get home at 3AM he will stay up with me till the sun comes up and hang out. I put him on the seat of my ATV one time and slowly drove him around the yard. But since then he really doesn't bark at it anymore. Sorry to hijack the thread, but my dog is so cool!
Link Posted: 5/11/2003 4:09:37 AM EST
QS and I have 2 dogs, a guinea pig and an iguana. Not really unusual, but this is the smallest number we have had since we got married. We would have more but QS somehow figured out that the animals were eating into his gun budget.
Link Posted: 5/11/2003 4:46:42 AM EST
My pets by species are not ODD, but by nature they are definately ODD! I do have a Gekko named "Trog-Dor" though. Yes he's named after the famous "Trog-Dor".
Link Posted: 5/11/2003 4:55:11 AM EST
I got Crabs.[wave][ROFL2][ROFL]
Link Posted: 5/11/2003 9:32:20 PM EST
My next door neighbor has a camel.
Link Posted: 5/12/2003 1:05:51 AM EST
I have a blue/gold Macaw. He/She says about 10 words. Kind of funny, he imitates my wife when she yells the kids names to come downstairs. Used to have an African gray Parrot that was so good at talking. I could teach him a new word in a couple of days. He used to imitate all the beeps and messages from the answering machine. Also got a fish tank with tropical fish. Kids got one of those goldfish last year at a fair that you win when you get the ping pong ball in the jar. F'ing fish is enormous.
Link Posted: 5/12/2003 11:20:31 AM EST
Got a snapping turtle named "Patton" and a wood tortoise named "Rommel" A wild eel, pike, sunfish, catfish and crayfish (crawdads for you southern boys) A guinea pig named valentine, a rat named nibles (wife named them both) and my favorite reptile, Ktulu, a five foot savannah monitor. He pretty much has the run of the lawn when he's out. Neighbor's rotty decided to bother him one day, I tried to intervine to stop him from hurting the loizard but old Ktulu turned his heels and he left with a little less fur. Oh, and my black lab "Max" _______________________________________________ Even my wife has an AR [X]
Link Posted: 5/12/2003 11:31:10 AM EST
does the SEC count?
Link Posted: 5/12/2003 11:51:49 AM EST
Link Posted: 5/12/2003 11:53:30 AM EST
My cousin and her husband who live next door have an 9ft. alligator in thier pond. Had it since it hatched. He used to have a rattlesnake until it bit him. Twice. Now he just has the head in a jar.
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