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Posted: 10/17/2008 6:20:52 PM EDT
I had to run to the store to pick up some last minute things for a fishing trip tomorrow. As I pull in my driveway on my return I see that there are 2 guys with clipboards in their early to mid 20's, 1 on each side of the street, going door to door. I could tell by looking at them they were libtards (I live 5 miles outside the Peoples Republic of Ann Arbor - they all look the same). The guy that was on my side of the street was leaving my neighbors house (who is also a libtard - College Psych Professor - but a pretty nice guy) so anyway, the guy walks past my driveway and goes to my other neighbor and starts walking up his driveway. Now, I'm standing in my driveway 75 ft. from this douchebag and he won't come talk to me. As he's walking up my neighbors driveway I ask him if he was out campaigning for someone and he said "yes". I asked who he was drumming up support for and he said Obama (I was shocked). I start walking across my grass towards him and ask him why he didn't come and talk to me (I was thinking maybe they had access to political donation info and saw that I've donated to McCain). He looks at me and says "your neighbor told me not to waste my time because there was no way I could change your mind". I started laughing, told him he was right, and went back to my business.

oh, almost forgot...................

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