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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/8/2002 10:27:05 AM EST
[b]Ohio Supreme Court to hear concealed weapons case The Ohio Supreme Court has agreed to hear a challenge by activists who say the state law that forbids them to carry concealed weapons is illegal. The court agreed on Wednesday to accept the case but did not say when it will hear lawyers argue the issues. Both sides have to file written arguments with the court. The case comes from Hamilton County, where residents who say they want to carry guns for self-defense sued to try and prevent Cincinnati and county authorities from enforcing the law. In January, the Hamilton County Common Pleas Court said the ban violates the Ohio Constitution and people should be allowed to carry weapons. In April, the 1st Ohio District Court of Appeals upheld that ruling. But the Ohio Supreme Court in April put a hold on the appeals court's ruling, meaning police in Hamilton County can once again enforce the concealed weapons ban. Ohio Attorney General Betty Montgomery wants the high court to decide the issue because a Hamilton County judge ruled in favor of those who want to carry weapons but a Union County judge threw out a similar lawsuit, Montgomery spokesman Joe Case said Thursday. Chuck Klein, a Cincinnati private investigator who says he needs to be armed for self-defense on the job, also said he wants to see the issue resolved. Though police may still arrest one for carrying concealed weapons, no court in Hamilton County can legally find one guilty of violating an unconstitutional law, said Klein, a lead plaintiff. Others suing include a physical fitness trainer, hairdresser and owner of a pizza delivery business, who said their jobs require self-protection.[/b] [url]http://www.wkrc.com/news/state/story.aspx?content_id=38C0A3D2-569B-407A-9494-A28D8A352655[/url] This is truly good news because if the Supreme Court can rule on its constitutionality before legislative can pass anything, we could conceivably have Vermont style in Ohio due to the mishandling of the issue by Gov. Taft. The legislation had their chance with HB274. Taft originally agreed to sign it but then backed away after he got elected on the pro-CCW ticket. What comes around goes around! This is a good day and will be better when the ruling comes down as I suspect it will.
Link Posted: 9/8/2002 2:05:27 PM EST
I wish you guys luck!
Link Posted: 9/8/2002 2:33:45 PM EST
Link Posted: 9/8/2002 3:09:05 PM EST
our governor is a dweeb. a republican dweeb opposed to ccw. i hope the osc shoves this one up his turncoat ass.
Link Posted: 9/8/2002 3:25:27 PM EST
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Originally Posted By BenDover: [b]Ohio Supreme Court to hear concealed weapons case.
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[b]YEE FVCKIN' HAW![/b] That's the best news I've heard in a long time. That would make me feel so much less like a [b]subject[/b] and more like a [b]citizen[/b]. It might even keep me from jumping ship on this state with its fascist attitude on the RKBA. (Maybe my hostility at not getting a Form 4 CLEO sign off in Portage county is showing, too.)
Link Posted: 9/8/2002 3:31:24 PM EST
Link Posted: 9/8/2002 3:38:30 PM EST
Hope it goes well for you guys, though I'm not (quite) holding my breath. I expect the Ohio Supreme Court will ignore what the constitution says, and create some legal theory along the lines of "a compelling state interest" to ban the carry of arms. It has, after all, happened at the federal level, and the amount of time the Ohio Supreme Court has taken to even decide to hear the case--all the while, the decision of the original judge, and the concurrence of the appeals court being under "emergency stay>" Again though, best of luck. I can't imagine having to live in a place like Cleveland without the option of armed self defense.
Link Posted: 9/8/2002 3:51:58 PM EST
Link Posted: 9/8/2002 8:02:22 PM EST
BTT for Ohio! [;)]
Link Posted: 9/9/2002 3:47:08 AM EST
Originally Posted By Maynard: Not only do we have a Republican Gov but also both the Senate and the House here are also Republican.
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Actually, all three are RINOs. I won't make the mistake of voting for any of them again.
Link Posted: 9/9/2002 4:06:41 AM EST
[Last Edit: 9/9/2002 4:08:36 AM EST by NukeThemTillTheyGlow]
In total agreement with you Campybob. As a transplanted Pennsylvanian who had a Carry permit for the previous 5 years in PA...Ohio is a total joke. And don't even get me started on what a shithole Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., the Bungels (GO STEELERS!) and the rest of SW Ohio is. There also must be 10 times the number of gun clubs and PUBLIC ranges in PA....so few clubs here (although I found a very nice one semi-close to my house), but it seems NO public ranges. Just a complete lack of respect for hunters and gun owners. I'm a life long Republican who is disgusted with all of the PC BS that comes from the local and state government as Cincinnati destroys itself and makes a mockery of itself. Zero leadership. And finally, theres the Appalachian "culture". I can't wait to move from here, just need to get the wife to move away from her family (good luck!). Ok, ok, ok.....back on my medication. Turning off the rant. [}:)]
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