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Posted: 11/17/2003 5:14:14 PM EST
Where were you?

What were you doing?

Link Posted: 11/17/2003 5:25:14 PM EST
I was 11 years old and I was misbehaveing in the hallway at school, I remember it like it was yesterday.
Link Posted: 11/17/2003 5:35:54 PM EST
Sitting in Mrs. Malstroms 5th grade class working on math.

Two days before my brithday.

Link Posted: 11/17/2003 5:36:41 PM EST
I was in the 8th grade. The teachers were instructed to gather all of the students in the quad area for a very important announcement. I think it was around 11:30 PST. The principal had tears in her eyes when she made the announcement that John Kennedy died from gun shot wounds.
Link Posted: 11/17/2003 5:43:39 PM EST
I was crapping in a diaper and wishing I had my binkie. Wondering what my first was going to be.
Link Posted: 11/17/2003 5:45:47 PM EST
I was not even a twinkle in my father's eye.
Link Posted: 11/17/2003 5:46:47 PM EST
... back and to the left.

I was -13.
Link Posted: 11/17/2003 5:52:03 PM EST
It was my birthday. I turned two. Woo-hoo.
Link Posted: 11/17/2003 5:59:39 PM EST
I was 2 years old.
Link Posted: 11/17/2003 6:03:41 PM EST
I didn't exist.

What's it to ya?
Link Posted: 11/17/2003 6:09:56 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/17/2003 6:11:56 PM EST by Andreuha]
That would have been exactly 1 month before my father's 10th birthday, and a little over 6 months before my mother was even born.

Just a little bit before my time
Link Posted: 11/17/2003 6:13:34 PM EST
My mom was in 2nd grade. Doesn't remember more than that, except that it was after 1pm (central time).

My dad was in music class in Jr High.
Link Posted: 11/17/2003 6:14:01 PM EST
I was four. I remember watching the funeral on a B/W TV.....
Link Posted: 11/17/2003 6:37:36 PM EST
Link Posted: 11/17/2003 6:42:15 PM EST
i was -19
Link Posted: 11/17/2003 6:43:52 PM EST
I was born almost exactly 9 months later....

Link Posted: 11/17/2003 6:48:30 PM EST
I can't remember as I was only ten months old at the time.

I do remember when President Reagan was shot though.
Link Posted: 11/17/2003 6:49:23 PM EST
OT: The Dallas Morning News the local paper has special internet site with pics and other info that maybe of interest:
use signon/password password@yahoo.com/password if the system prompts for signon id.
Link Posted: 11/17/2003 6:54:35 PM EST
I was about -20 years old :D

Link Posted: 11/17/2003 7:06:49 PM EST
I was a senior in high school, off half a day on a work program. I worked a couple of hours and took my mother to the A&P to get a few things.I heard on the car radio that the president had been shot.
Link Posted: 11/17/2003 7:07:39 PM EST
I was in 9th grade detention, (Boston area, Needham, actually), and the principal announced it on the PA around 2:30-2:45, (I think), anyway, we got out of detention early.

Geez, I remember it real good...

Blew us away, me and the guys walked home, (we were regulars in detention..

A lot of people were crying, we figgered the ruskies did it..(ya, we had boogy-men back then too..)

Ya, thanks for the memory.......I think.
Link Posted: 11/17/2003 7:07:45 PM EST

I was 5 1/2 months old living in DC area.

I was born in the DC area and the rest of my family is from Texas.

Link Posted: 11/17/2003 7:14:17 PM EST
I was 17 months old, don't ask me I have no idea what I was doing at the time
Link Posted: 11/17/2003 7:34:43 PM EST
Not born yet...

I allways wonder though, if JFK had lived, would we have ended up with all of LBJ's (Great Society, 'War on Poverty', etc)???
Link Posted: 11/17/2003 7:46:20 PM EST
I was only 5 but I remember it well. My parents loaded up the car and got us out of the city to my grandparents place. We all stayed there while my Dad went back to work. They were pretty shook up as was everyone and nobody really knew what to expect. The next year we moved out of the city and the following year the riots started there IIRC.

They played the funeral procession on TV every morning for what seemed weeks on the local TV station. It was an awakening for me in a way as being only 5 I couldn't conceive that someone as important as the President could be killed so easily if at all.
Link Posted: 11/17/2003 7:49:32 PM EST
My dad was 7 years old.
Link Posted: 11/17/2003 8:06:25 PM EST
I was in 8th grade. It was announced over the PA, during class.
A lot of the other kids started crying.I remained dry-eyed, throughout.
My family hated the Kennedys with a passion and living in the Chicago burbs, were convinced that the election had been stolen by the Daley machine and Nixon had been robbed.

My biggest complaint at the time, was the pre-empting of regular programming.

As a side note, I could never find the beauty of Jackie-O that everyone raved about.
Link Posted: 11/17/2003 8:31:32 PM EST

Originally Posted By Crookshanks:

My biggest complaint at the time, was the pre-empting of regular programming.

As a side note, I could never find the beauty of Jackie-O that everyone raved about.

You and me both!!

How 'bout Arnolds wife!!! Maria Shriver??!

DEATH warmed over!!!
Link Posted: 11/17/2003 9:12:57 PM EST
I wasn't around then.

BUT, while I was in Dallas week before last I made sure to walk over there. Kind of sobering to see it in person, rather than just in grainy film footage.

Link Posted: 11/17/2003 9:19:34 PM EST
A few days shy of my 2nd birthday.
Link Posted: 11/17/2003 9:24:18 PM EST
I came 7 years later but I remember when Reagan was shot, and the first space shuttle exploded.
Link Posted: 11/18/2003 2:33:09 AM EST
sitting in a chair in first grade waiting for Christmas!!!!!!
Link Posted: 11/18/2003 2:49:41 AM EST
I was in the seventh grade in Junior High School and at lunch. The Principal announced it over the loud speaker.

The lunch room broke into cheers.

That's right. Cheers.

We were in the deep south and Kennedy was roundly hated. His policies were against everything we believed in.

In retrospect, I am saddened by our response. But you can't re-write history (unless you're a liberal).

That's what happened in Port Arthur, Texas on that day.
Link Posted: 11/18/2003 4:00:02 AM EST
I was in room 13 at public school #49 in Indianapolis. The school had recently installed intercoms. The principal came on and said that President Kennedy had been shot. We couldn't believe it and we thought it was a joke. A little later they sent us all home. There were only four channels on TV and they carried the assassination for a month. All day, every day.
Link Posted: 11/18/2003 4:15:46 AM EST
I was an egg. I was waiting patiently in line to be released with the hope of being fertilized.

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.
Link Posted: 11/18/2003 4:18:48 AM EST
I was a sophomore at the University of Nebraska. The moment I found out I was sweeping the backroom of Beechner’s IGA grocery store. Some old dude I worked with ran out of the store crying.
Link Posted: 11/18/2003 4:26:12 AM EST
Link Posted: 11/18/2003 4:49:52 AM EST

Originally Posted By lonegunman:
I was crapping in a diaper and wishing I had my binkie. Wondering what my first was going to be.

Me too! Were you that stinky kid next door?
Link Posted: 11/18/2003 5:40:51 AM EST
I was 9 months old and have no recollection of the event. However, with the countless times my mom has vividly recalled exactly where she was when she heard the news I know exactly where I was and what I was doing.

We were living near Lansing, MI and she had my grandmother (her mother-in-law) over for lunch. They had just put me down for a nap when the news came over the T.V. that President Kennedy had been shot.

My dad was a bank manager at the time and she called him immediatly to inform him and prepare for a possible run on the bank (remember, at the time, they didn't know what had happened - was it the Cubans?, the Ruskies?, are we at war?).

She said it was the saddest day and the weekend that followed it was worse.
Link Posted: 11/18/2003 5:55:49 AM EST
I wasn't even thought of.
Link Posted: 11/20/2003 5:53:30 AM EST
I wonder what JFK would think of our country as it exists today ...

Link Posted: 11/20/2003 6:07:40 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/20/2003 6:09:06 AM EST by TomJefferson]
In school when it was announced on the intercom.

I remember it hitting me like a truck with the realization that we as a country were so vulnerable.


BTW, Slash I honestly believe if JFK was alive today he would be a Republican. "Ask not what........."
Link Posted: 11/20/2003 6:17:01 AM EST
I was born 9 mos. and 4 days later. Hmmmm.......
Link Posted: 11/20/2003 6:27:42 AM EST
I was about 6 hours old at the time.

As far as what I was doing, probably looking for something to eat.
Link Posted: 11/20/2003 6:30:20 AM EST
My dad was 17 and my mom was 13. They wouldn't meet for another five years.
Link Posted: 11/20/2003 6:33:17 AM EST
I was in Miss Pitzer's 3rd grade class at Pasadena Elementary School, bullshitting with Wesley who sat in the next aisle over. My dad had passed that May, and it hit me kinda hard. It seemed like the entire nation came to a standstill for three days. Ops
Link Posted: 11/20/2003 6:41:37 AM EST
I was 1 1/2. Probably scwallin and shittin in my diaper.
Link Posted: 11/20/2003 7:04:49 AM EST
I was getting ready to celebrate my third birthday.

I do remember the assassination of MLK and RFK quite well.
Link Posted: 11/20/2003 7:42:25 AM EST
I was in 2nd grade at Holy Name School and sister Mary Joseph came in and told us the President had been shot. They made us stop our lesson and pray for the President.
Link Posted: 11/21/2003 8:55:10 AM EST

Originally Posted By TomJefferson:
I honestly believe if JFK was alive today he would be a Republican. "Ask not what........."

Though I understand your sentiment, I'd have to see that to believe it.
Link Posted: 11/21/2003 8:58:49 AM EST
It was my dad's 20th B-day and I wasn't going to be around for another 12 years and 9 months.
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