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Posted: 10/13/2004 5:30:37 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/13/2004 5:30:53 AM EDT by hepcat85]
-just confirmation.

I remember seeing this, just not the very insightful end.

From this weeks issue of THE WEEKLY STANDARD -

Network News Blues

The top anchors from all three of the nation's broadcast television networks appeared together on October 2 at the New York Public Library for a panel discussion moderated by New Yorker media columnist Ken Auletta. CBS's Dan Rather was twice asked for comment on his recent participation in an anti-Bush smear involving forged documents. He twice declined to respond, citing CBS's ongoing "internal investigation." The only Bush-related news-judgment error by CBS that Mr. Rather was prepared to concede was . . . he hadn't been tough enough on the president about Iraq back when the whole thing might

have been prevented. "I should have . . . had more courage," Rather said. "It takes tremendous strength--strength I didn't always have."

Here, ABC's Peter Jennings reluctantly agreed. "I know we weren't as on the ball as we should have been" about the war, Jennings offered by way of apology. Warming up to this theme, Jennings also admitted that "we were not quick enough to say [the Swift Boat ads] are demonstrably false." In other words, the regular network news divisions are, if anything, too favorably disposed towards George W. Bush. And anybody who tells you different is a crazy, right-wing liar. Lay off my friend Dan Rather, Jennings demanded; "I don't think you ever judge a man by only one event in his career."

Whereupon Dan Rather, "as his eyes visibly moistened, could be seen whispering, 'Thank you, Peter,'" and the audience of 500 burst into loud, sustained applause.

"Now we know that this is a 'Blue' room," Jennings observed into his microphone once the cheering had subsided, thereby inadvertently acknowledging that at this point, any support for Rather and CBS--including his own--is a de facto expression of loyalty to the Democratic party.

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