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Posted: 6/4/2001 7:19:15 PM EDT
Has anyone seen a night vision scope mounted on a shotgun? Maybe a shotguns flash would be to bright for the tube. I would like one on my Rem 870 HD. I just mounted a streamlight M3 tacticle light for when light is needed, now I want to have something for complete darkness. The next treatment is a laser and mace holstered to the stock. Laser on the forehead of perp brought about by night vision detection, (in total darkness,)would be awesome. Might not need to go to trigger. I have dealt with a home intruder at 3 am and he was yes siring and no siring that 12 guage. Cops came and took the guy off. Didn't have to fire a shot. Mace would be a handy thing to have. If you sprayed him down first with mace, then shot him, no scumbag lawyer could get your house and income the rest of your life. You could say you gave the perp a chance with the mace, but he kept coming.
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