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Posted: 1/22/2001 7:43:51 PM EDT
So which AK is better the Yugo,Gal....oops my bad

Let me start over;

So which AR is better the Yugo, Gal....Dang messed up again

One more time ;

I don't have an AR yet ( I do have a BM lower post ban and 2k ammo in 223 ) haven't found an upper that I wanted to buy .  All I really wanted do is say hi and pick your brains on a nice upper for a first purchase  [:\]
Link Posted: 1/22/2001 8:09:29 PM EDT
Hey Towman, Welcome. Don't worry about the slip up. Most of us own AK's as well. As a matter of fact this forum has an AK47 forum as well. http://www.ar15.com:1111/forums/index.html?id=4 It just most members have not found out about it yet. Some are too busy soaking in the GenDisc forum or bitching about it.

AK's and AR's are like Ferrari's and Lamborghinis. If you have one, you have to get the other.
Link Posted: 1/22/2001 8:18:26 PM EDT
Many of the people on this board will mess around bashing the AK but like lordtrader
said many own AK's or have buddies with AK's and shoot them regularly.  Good luck finding the upper you want, there is a lot of info to look at on this board to help you decide.  
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