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Posted: 12/18/2016 8:38:14 PM EST
A buddy of mine and I have been scheming of ways to transition folks from run-and-gun to somewhat more formal target shooting, and get the formal shooters to shoot faster and engage multiple targets. We also want to engage the usual hunter as well. The fairly recent posting of Stangskyting here, Molon’s ongoing Maryland Challenge, and our experience with an Airgun Speed Silhouette (Skip to 9:40) game held at the Extreme Benchrest matches, planted the seeds. (Note: my rifle's front sight featured at 10:16 in the speed silhouette video. )

What has now caused those seeds to germinate are the recent improvements to our local range North of Pocatello. We now have access to a pretty level range out to 280 yards or 350 meters in which to hold the challenging events we have in mind. We’re still hashing out the details, and this post is part of that.

Which of any would you attend and shoot, and what changes or modifications would you make?

Our preliminary ideas are as follows:

Speed Silhouette Shooting

•Sixteen Targets are to be shot as quickly as possible. Except spring powered airguns will shoot 12 targets.
•Four each of Chickens at 25 yards, Pigs at 35 yds, Turkeys at 45 yards, and Rams at 55 yards. Rams omitted for spring airguns.
•Separate divisions for single shot loading with .22 long rifle, and PCP airguns, Ten round magazine loading with .22s and PCP airguns, and Spring powered airguns, and juniors (under 18).
•The course of fire may be shot from a bench with a front rest only, or from any other shooting position. A bipod is permitted.
•Only airguns, or .22 rimfire ammo that does not exceed 1300 ft/s advertised velocity may be used. The targets are not rated for higher velocities.

Stang Shooting (a version of Norwegian Stanskyting)

•Shoot as many shots as possible into two different targets and at two different distances within a 25 second time limit for each target.
•Only hits to the black area count, not the number of round fired.
•Up to three magazines or stripper clips may be loaded and only with five rounds in each magazine. The shooters start with one round chambered and a five round magazine inserted. Additional rounds must be loose. Non detachable magazine rifles will have accommodations made for the particular type.
•Bolt action repeaters and semi-auto rifles may compete together. However, airguns, rimfire, and centerfire rifles are in different classes.
•The reduced airgun and rimfire targets will be no further than 30 meters for the small target and 50 meters for the large one. Full size centerfire targets will be no further than 210 meters and 350 meters respectively. Actual distances will be posted on the day of the match.
•Shooters may shoot from prone with shooting coat and sling, or any other hand supported shooting position, i.e., sitting, kneeling or standing. Bipods and the like are not permitted.

Marksman’s Challenge (Differs from the Maryland version with distance and required reload in the middle).

•Twenty shots are fired within a two minute time limit (extended for single shots and spring airguns). There is one mandatory magazine change required. Usually two magazines are loaded with ten rounds each. Those with tube magazines will shoot two one-minute strings
•Only iron sights or non magnified optical sights may be used for record. Variable power scopes may be set at 1X. Rifles with magnified optics will be allowed to be shot, however.
•Targets for rimfire and airguns will be at 50 yards on a reduced target, while centerfire rifle targets will be at 300 meters with a full sized target.
•Open to PCP airguns, rimfire, and centerfire rifles.

Hunter’s Challenge

•Multiple game animal targets with a reactive kill zone will be presented. Only hits to the kill zone are scored.
•Targets will be placed at random distances. Shooters are not to range targets prior to coming to the line.
•There may be one or more running targets, but most will be stationary.
•Shooters bring to the line rifles and equipment that they expect to hunt with in an area devoid of natural support such as rocks and fallen trees. The roof supports may not be used for steadying the shooter or rifle.
•Only one trip to the firing line with equipment is allowed. That is, all equipment must be carried like one would while going out into the field.
•All rifles, ammunition, and equipment must be legal for use in hunting in Idaho.
•Those shooting centerfire rifles will shoot at large game targets while rimfire and airguns will shoot at small game targets.
•This will be a timed event based on number of targets and difficulty. The shooter’s time starts when the rifle is shouldered for the first shot, or range finder is brought into use.

Arimo Challenge (This is a “pop up” match, though the targets might not pop up.)

•Six silhouette targets of a smallish prone soldier are placed at random distances from 25 meters to 350 meters.
•The target distances are not to be ranged by the shooter prior to the “Commence Firing” command. That is, the shooter is not to know the distances prior to being ready too shoot.
•The target measures 18 (46 cm) inches across at the shoulders and 12 (30.5 cm) inches high to the top of the head. (See my Avatar) (Might substitute the 1/4 Stang Shooting target as it is a similar size.)
•Each target will be presented or highlighted five times in a random order and for a maximum of 10 seconds for each presentation.
•This makes for a 30 shot match.
•Magazines may be loaded with no more than 10 rounds.
•The target presented will disappear or drop from highlight, and a different one presented after the 10 seconds allowed time period, or upon the sound of the shot (allowing time for the bullet to reach the target) whichever happens first.
•Scoring will be based on time to finish with penalties for missed shots and failing to engage targets.
•Hits in the center zone of the target will have one second subtracted from the shooter’s total time.
•Misses will add five seconds to the total time.
•Failing to engage a target (shooting at the wrong one, or not getting one’s shot off within the ten second time limit) will add 30 seconds to the shooter’s total time for each occurrence.
Link Posted: 12/18/2016 8:46:02 PM EST
I'd shoot just about any type of match once.
Link Posted: 12/18/2016 8:52:39 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/18/2016 8:53:03 PM EST by tetoncounty]
I shoot Palma, XTC,  long range steel matches.

I will shoot any of these. I'm always up for a new challenge with new people.
Link Posted: 12/18/2016 8:55:27 PM EST
Link Posted: 12/19/2016 7:43:59 AM EST
After fully reading the descriptions, the only one that would really interest me is the pop up match. There are two of these a year at Camp Perry, I have never been, but everyone I know that has really enjoyed it.
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