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Posted: 5/12/2004 3:54:36 PM EST
Just got a pair of WileyX Romer II's for my b-day. First, I admit I really know nothing about glasses. I've been fortunate not to require any sort of corrective glasses as of yet and never really took to sunglasses. However, I can't see that much difference between the frame of these glasses and that of the $5 sort one finds in the grocery store. The only metal in the entire package is the screw for the hinges. I was sort of expecting that at least the hinges would be metal, possibly under some spring tension to keep them on your face. There is also nice "Made in China" writing on the inside of the frame. I dunno, maybe the quality is in the lenses - I did get the polarized ones, which were much more expensive than the other options...

Maybe I was just expecting too much - I realize that there are more expensive options out there, but $110 doesn't seem like chump change to me, either. I also admit that if I researched it a bit more and actually looked at the picture I could see that there were no metal hinges, etc. I don't know of any places that sell them locally, so they were bought online sight unseen. Still, I can't help but feel disappointed in the apparent lack a durability - definitely not something you could throw in the range bag, even in a semi-rigid case, and expect to stay in one piece.

Anyone have more experience with these? Are they better and/or more durable that my uninformed first impression? I have heard good things about them, which is why I got them sight unseen...

Link Posted: 5/12/2004 3:56:38 PM EST
I did not like the Wileys either. I sent them back and kept using my Oakleys.
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