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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/23/2001 10:01:14 PM EST
I subscribed via E-mail on 5/24/01 and my account was debited $28.95 on 5/31/01... It has been almost a month, and I've gotten NOTHING from them yet. I've E-mailed customer service, and got NO reply... Anybody know how long it takes 'till they start to show up in my mailbox ?
Link Posted: 6/23/2001 10:36:50 PM EST
Good question. I subscribed about the same time you did and have yet to get my first issue.
Link Posted: 6/23/2001 10:38:24 PM EST
After a while you'll forget you even ordered it. About one week after that, your first one will show up. about 6 days later, your second one will get to your mailbox. At least that's how it worked for me. My girl got it for me for Christmas, and I think I got my first one in late Feb or so. It also shows up at the news stand a few days before it gets to our house. Kinda backwards if you ask me...
Link Posted: 6/24/2001 12:38:33 AM EST
They aren't exactly known for reliable delivery. Sometimes a month goes by and all of a sudden you find 3 issues in your mailbox. They will eventually come, just not when you expect them to.
Link Posted: 6/24/2001 1:05:12 AM EST
Link Posted: 6/24/2001 9:15:55 AM EST
I subscribed at a fun show and didn't see my first issue until 3 months later. Their record keeping is so screwed up I started getting 2 copies of every issue and even got a month for free.
Link Posted: 6/24/2001 9:26:41 AM EST
[Last Edit: 6/24/2001 9:24:32 AM EST by spider]
It took 2 months for me to get my first one, & that was after 2 or 3 emails to them asking WTF. Haven't missed a beat since, though, but it hasn't been a year yet, either.
Link Posted: 6/24/2001 9:32:36 AM EST
dragracerart, It's a good thing your account was debited. I subscribed online several months ago via their website. I waited about 2 months, and never heard a word. I sent them an email, and they said that they had no record of the subscription. I looked into my account, and it didn't get debited. I tried it again the next day via their website. Still nothing. LOL Wifey just left to go to the store as I was reading this thread, so I ran outside and told her not to come home without a Shotgun News or a Gun List! She always comes through.
Link Posted: 6/24/2001 10:15:09 AM EST
I waited about 3 months for mine and then cancelled. I can get them at the local Walmart that my son works at on a more dependable schedule.
Link Posted: 6/24/2001 11:21:14 AM EST
Yep. Wifey came through again. SGN, dated June 25th, placed in front of me a few minutes ago. I guess I'll keep her a while longer.
Link Posted: 6/24/2001 11:36:19 AM EST
Cancel SGN and order THE GUN LIST. Gun List is indexed and a lot faster and easier to read. SGN still thinks they are the only rag in town. You will enjoy Gun List more and you will get more for your money.
Link Posted: 6/24/2001 1:07:49 PM EST
Link Posted: 6/24/2001 1:21:29 PM EST
HANGFIRE where can you subscribe to the gun list at. I also order SGN and about three months later I found out the mail man was stealing it. So I had it canalled I can also get it at Wal-mart near me. Hell I get it the day after there printed I only live about 45 mins away from Peoria where they are made.
Link Posted: 6/24/2001 7:33:46 PM EST
I think my mailman borrows mine for a few days before it gets delivered. GunLvr
Link Posted: 6/24/2001 7:48:57 PM EST
I just E-mailed them again today... Thats my 2nd E-mail... I'll give them a few days to respond. I'll start calling them on the phone soon... It's pretty much too late to cancel my subscription, They've already got my $28.95... Guess I'll just have to be patient...
Link Posted: 6/24/2001 7:51:30 PM EST
Originally Posted By Imbrog|io: I subscribed at a fun show and didn't see my first issue until 3 months later. Their record keeping is so screwed up I started getting 2 copies of every issue and even got a month for free.
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I've seen lots of 10/22's and .38's advertised in SGN...[:)]
Link Posted: 6/24/2001 8:15:16 PM EST
I just statted subscribing also. It took almost a month for my first issue to arrive. I'm gonna also subscribe to The Gun List. Probably should have subscribes there first. There are more personal ads in the Gun List, isn't there?
Link Posted: 6/25/2001 5:09:19 AM EST
It took my subscription one full month to kick in before I saw my first issue.
Link Posted: 6/25/2001 5:22:26 AM EST
Gun List has great ads for guns for sale by individuals. They also have a very complete gun show schedule in the back. Some of my favorite places (like AIM) advertize more in Gun List. GL also takes forever for a subscription to start. With either SGN or GL do not let your subscription run out or you will be without for months. I subscrubed to both because the nearest place in commie-controlled Maryland with either publication was a 30 minute drive away. GunLvr
Link Posted: 6/25/2001 6:04:01 AM EST
Paid for my subscription at the NRA Convention in Charlotte. Never got my SGN and they never had a record of my subscription. I gave up. I just buy them at the book store. Rocketman
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