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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/7/2005 9:35:33 AM EDT
OK, before the flames start, anyone had a chance to play with one of these, take one apart, so on? Yes, I admit it is plasticky, non militarized, not Marine-proofed and so on. But it's pretty ingenious. It folds in half, takes AR mags, weight under 5 lbs, has a better trigger than a a stock AR, and has iron sights and a rail and a folding bipod/forend a la Scout rifle concept. Stores 2 10 round mags or one 30 rounder in the stock. It also has an ingenious AR/AK/FAL hybrid gas/BCG system that allows for a folding stock, field dissaembly and so on. 500 bucks or under too. Great for Kali residents or other crappy states. Shoots in 2 MOA range, haven't tried it with optics. No failures in 200 or so rounds, which I know is nothing yet I've had AR's that didn't work out of the box.

While maybe not field tested like the AR system, it addresses a lot of issues while seemingly giving up little. Build quality and durability is unknown. Girlfriend loves it as it is so light and easy to use.

Anyone else have any opinions of this? (This is AR15, OF COURSE people have opinions!) BTW, I know what it isn't but it's interesting for what it is.
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 9:37:00 AM EDT
There was a post a couple months ago of someone putting it through a tourture test...and it did pretty darn well.
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 9:51:26 AM EDT
Ya but theyre not excactly new and they've already been banned here.
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 10:07:29 AM EDT
No, they're not new but they have several new iterations that seem to have addressed some of the issues of previous models. At least addressed them to the point where I bought one. Like a decent front sight.
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 10:08:34 AM EDT
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 10:12:08 AM EDT
Ah, the venerable SU-16!

I like the D-variant, myself. Only reason I took it off the wishlist was because I plan on getting a Sub 2000 for the collapsible trunk gun. If I'm going to be in the boonies, I'll carry either a real AR or a good lever-action (depending on the level of freak-out I'll encounter if spotted).
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 10:34:58 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/7/2005 10:35:34 AM EDT by Admiral_Crunch]
Good for Cali? Doesn't it qualify as an "assault weapon"? I thought they considered anything semi-auto with a detachable mag a no-no unless you grandfathered one in. Or does the lack of pistol grip make it kosher? I wouldn't mind having one myself. What kind of accuracy do people typically see with them?
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 10:45:58 AM EDT
This thread is worthless without pics...
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 10:49:28 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/7/2005 10:50:22 AM EDT by Zaphod]

Originally Posted By pale_pony:
This thread is worthless without pics...

If you insist!




ETA: I tried to make the C pic bigger, but this is the best I could do....
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 10:54:14 AM EDT
What are they worth? I kind of like the last one pictured.
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 10:55:08 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/7/2005 11:34:32 AM EDT by Zaphod]
IIRC, around $600-$700, but I think that's MSRP.

ETA: Yeah, I like the last one, too. Must....... resist........ urge........ to.......... add........... again..........


ETA: BTW, the rifle with the bayonet is a 12-incher, so it's an SBR.
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 11:53:37 AM EDT
Yep, Cali legal. No pistol grip. Same catagory as mini-14, Remington 7200, etc. Cali version is 16CA.

Seem to retail for about $500 although MSRP is more.

Like I said, accuracy with irons is about like my AR's. Should be, basically the same bolt/barrel extension lockup system. Uses a modified AR style rotary lock-up with kind of an AK BCG and a Fal gas piston. Unique, if nothing else. Probably closer to the ZM system than anything.
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 11:56:59 AM EDT
I'd consider buying one if they offered one with a pistol grip and side folding stock.
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 12:35:48 PM EDT
I have one of the first ones made for the public.

I give it 3 out of 4 stars.

Only issue is that you have to "break in" new mags for the rifle.

Stays very clean after a day of shooting and is accurate enough for most. It shoots somewhere between a great AK and halfway decent AR.

Dont let the plastic fool you, it is a very sturdy and sure feeling rifle.

Link Posted: 8/7/2005 12:49:11 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/7/2005 12:50:34 PM EDT by Jacketch]

Originally Posted By Armed_Scientist:
I'd consider buying one if they offered one with a pistol grip and side folding stock.

Do you mean like this?

Link Posted: 8/7/2005 1:03:53 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Jacketch:

Originally Posted By Armed_Scientist:
I'd consider buying one if they offered one with a pistol grip and side folding stock.

Do you mean like this?

Gosh darn it! STOP THAT!

My wishlist is long enough as it is!
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