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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/21/2001 10:07:04 AM EST
From MSNBD website... "The bomb being deployed was described as using a delayed, high-pressure explosion to suck the air out of caves and tunnels." "The laser-guided “thermobaric” device, recently tested in Nevada, “is something we clearly have a need for in Afghanistan and they’re on their way over there,” Undersecretary of Defense Edward Aldridge said at a Pentagon briefing." Thermobaric bomb... COOL! I sucks them out of the cave so the troops can shoot them!
Link Posted: 12/21/2001 10:19:13 AM EST
I don't think it would physically suck things/people out of the caves, just the air. I believe flame throwers used during WWII/Korean War kills by consuming all of the available air/oygen in the surrounding area and thereby suffocating anyone in the immediate vacinity. From what I believe flame throwing weapons don't actually burn you to a crisp to kill, but it could if you were standing in the way.
Link Posted: 12/21/2001 10:23:18 AM EST
I heard the producer of the BLU-82 offered to work on developing a 30,000lb version, also.
Link Posted: 12/21/2001 10:37:44 AM EST
Come on Warlord, I was joking about the "sucking people out" thing!
Link Posted: 12/21/2001 10:45:10 AM EST
That would still be neat!! Bluuuuey and the BGs come flying out the mouth of the cave. Pull! Bang! Norm
Link Posted: 12/21/2001 10:45:38 AM EST
Thermobaric is the British term for fuel air explosives, something we have. Russians call them thermobaric too, or sometimes vacuum bombs. Russians have small, RPG-size thermobaric warheads, which I think is a step in the wrong direction. I'd like to see 30,000 lb FAE bombs. Nice thing about them is that they're more powerful than conventional explosives. They don't have to carry the oxygen around with them needed for combustion; these bombs just use atmospheric oxygen.
Link Posted: 12/21/2001 2:23:02 PM EST
Originally Posted By newtoma: Come on Warlord, I was joking about the "sucking people out" thing!
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Sorry about that, this type of "dry American humour" takes a bit of getting used to.
Link Posted: 12/21/2001 2:42:56 PM EST
Yup, youre describing an FAE. The great part is that is was developed in a very liberal university. U of Michigan in Ann Arbor, my aluma mater. It gives me a kick to know that while the libs are protesting the war and such. The scientists on the north campus are busy at work making weapons!
Link Posted: 12/21/2001 2:48:25 PM EST
Aren't these a little late? The Afghan war is pretty much over from what I have heard.
Link Posted: 12/21/2001 2:54:41 PM EST
ARDOC, If UofM did us the favor of designing the thing, couldn't they have completed the favor by testing it in Ann Arbor? [;)] MSU BA PoliSci 1987 MSU MBA MLM 1994
Link Posted: 12/21/2001 3:05:50 PM EST
Yes.... please test them in Ann Arbor!!!!!! The absolute liberal nadir of Michigan... from whence the cancer of yellow bellied, limp wristed, tree hugging, mincing idiocy emanates from. Kill, kill, kill..... BTW Go Green, Go White!
Link Posted: 12/21/2001 3:09:51 PM EST
Oh my GOD! Multiple Spartans are present! I'm just glad you guys are keeping that coach. I know the Spartans beat the Wolverines this year, but that coach gives me hope. I also have to say that the girls were much prettier and friendlier in East Lansing. Better politics too.
Link Posted: 12/21/2001 3:29:39 PM EST
Yeh, why do we need these in Afghanistan at this point? Or have we already used them? And I'm a Spartan alum working at U of M !! Needless to say, I'm not running around mentioning my AR mania. Good to know that something besides poor losers came out of here.
Link Posted: 12/21/2001 4:04:46 PM EST
Originally Posted By Dale007: Aren't these a little late? The Afghan war is pretty much over from what I have heard.
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I'm hoping this war is about over but fearing it's probably not. There seems to be a time in conflicts when the news slowly disappears but the fighting continues - sort of under the radar. I'm afraid it's our people and the Brits that will have to inspect and clear most of the caves from now on. I'm sorely afraid we're going to lose some people but the work has got to be done. Bring on that "sucking-people (out) sucker."
Link Posted: 12/21/2001 6:34:52 PM EST
This is the new BLU-118 bomb. Just like a BLU-109 but filled with a different explosive mixture.
Link Posted: 12/21/2001 6:50:26 PM EST
Originally Posted By Norm_G: That would still be neat!! Bluuuuey and the BGs come flying out the mouth of the cave. Pull! Bang! SNORT!! SPIT!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!! Gotta clean the tea off my monitor. Pull.
Link Posted: 12/21/2001 7:14:02 PM EST
This is pretty stupid. Just have your Army Engineers Bore a hole into the mountain, then lower a tactical nuke down it, seal it up and set it off. The concussion shock wave will pulverize rock and seal up the caves and bury the bastards.
Link Posted: 12/21/2001 7:14:55 PM EST
Hey ARDOC, My retard older sister and her husband (both UofM MBAs) just moved back to AA after 6 years in New Joisey and Nueva Jork. She had a baby shower for my other sister (BIG commie lib), and all of her peacenik friends were there. One of them was even trying to get people to sign her peacenik petition to stop the war. I have a dream: God has divined me for a purpose. Someday, somewhere, at the perfect moment, God will place a fungo bat into my hands, and I will achieve my purpose.
Link Posted: 12/22/2001 4:05:25 AM EST
[Last Edit: 12/22/2001 3:59:17 AM EST by Happyshooter]
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.....Ann Arbor.... The land of extreme sodemy, the academic secular jew, and the pro commies. When it comes to men dating women, it is way evil in every way and pseudo rape(but under grad women who show up at scorekeepers with half a tee shirt tied across their breasts and allow a boy to bend them over in the alley and pump them are ‘hooking up’ and controlling their own lives and sexuality) Gays may date at will, as long as they are willing to pump each other in front of children in the libraries and parks of the city. The academic jews know exactly where the various hillels are, have a vague idea where the temple may be, never follow any Jewish rules themselves, but demand all non jews may never have an official event on Friday, and must eat some sick ass goat pizza at every gathering (oh, and support Israel while hating America and every non jew in it, except those who want to overthrow America) The pro commies…enough said, they just want the downfall of America and the American way, oh, and they all hate vets with a passion and revenge themselves on them in every way if they find a vet in one of their classes when on faculty. Hey, I knew some guy in law school who lived in the U housing and kept his gun locker in the open with a Lionel sticker on it. It was odd, almost like they played ‘let’s pretend’ so their stupid and illegal anti gun law wasn’t challenged by said student.
Link Posted: 12/22/2001 4:52:15 AM EST
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