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Posted: 10/3/2005 7:58:23 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/3/2005 8:00:51 AM EDT by memyselfandi]

The Marriage Amendment stating that marriage in Texas is between a man and a
woman passed both Houses of the Texas Legislature and will be on the ballot
for a special election on November 8. The amendment, which will be listed
as PROPOSITION 2 on the November 8 ballot, must be approved by a majority of
Texans for this to become a part of the Texas Constitution, which would
remove the issue from the jurisdiction of activist judges on the courts who
have struck down Defense of Marriage Acts that other states have passed as
simple bills and not as constitutional amendments.

If this were on the ballot during a regular election, there is no doubt that
this would pass by a large majority. This is a special election, where the
statewide vote is expected to be only 750,000 total. The passion, money and
organization on the side of those who oppose Proposition 2 because they want
same-sex marriage to be legal in Texas could cause this very important
amendment to go down in defeat. Because Texas is the only state where this
issue is on the ballot this year, same-sex marriage proponents across the
nation are sending their money and volunteers to Texas to defeat Proposition
2. In one of their organizational meetings in San Antonio, the plan was
disclosed to have people from other states come to Texas to register to vote
30 days before the election to defraud this election. There is no residency
requirement to register to vote in Texas -- you can register the day you
move here.&nb

The other side has money, a website, yard signs, bumper stickers, paid staff
in every major city and has done a major buy for advertising on TV and
radio. We don't have their money or supplies, but we DO have the truth and
what God says about marriage.

The church must weigh in on this election to insure that God's standard for
marriage is the law of the land.

Got this email, wanted it verified by someone.
Link Posted: 10/3/2005 9:02:52 AM EDT
Yes, this amendment will be on the November ballot here in Texas, and I will bet you that is passes easliy. Texas is still the most conservative state in the nation.

I'll be there to cast my vote for sure.

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