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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/24/2001 6:51:53 PM EST
I live in a quiet little row of townhomes in Miamisburg, OH, just south of dayton. This morning, around 0500, I went out as usual, for my morning jog. This time was a little different though. As I walked out of my front door, I was greeted by a police line, and 6 cruisers. A sargeant came over and identified himself, and informed me that a woman had knocked on a neighbors door at approx. 0230, appearing to be choking on blood. She couldn't speak, and when the police/ medics arrived, it turned out that she had been shot in the right cheek, with the bullet lodging in her throat. I normally am pretty aware of what's goin on, but I guess with the windows shut, and the A/C on, I was unaware of any disturbance. The officer mentioned forced entry, so it sounded like a burglury gone wrong. I told him that I didn't know anything about it, and gave him my phone number, in case he needed anything else. later, my wife called me to tell me that the victim was one of my neighbors, too. I really felt bad for her, and her husband (a state trooper), because I know them fairly well, and the play ball with my kids, and were great people. When I got home from work, I have come to find out that it was the Husband that shot her. He was "arrested, and then released pending further investigation"(that doesn't make much sense to me, but those were the words used by the local news)They said that they are trying to determine if it was accidental or criminal. A few things just don't add up to me: 1 If he shot her, then why the "forced entry" and why did the police take the back door as evidence? 2 If it was accidental, why didn't he call 911? She went for help herself, to two different neighbors doors. 3. A neighbor in the houses behind us said someone ELSE (Not her or the husband) went over there looking for help too. I'm just glad that In case it was a burglury, I am armed, and have the means to protect my family. I guess It just shows how little you really know someone. I still have a hard time believing he did it intentionally, although the evidence seems to point that way. Unfortunately the woman was unable to speak, because of the nature of the wound, so we may never know the truth. She was taken to the nearest hospital, then flown to Miami Vally Med., where she remains in critical. Airborne
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That's what they said. The detective called my neighbor, and told her that they "know" he did it but need more evidence. She said that they told her that he admitted it, but I think he would be in jail if he actually confessed to shooting her. I don't know, Airborne
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I guess it isn't necessary to point out that laws restricting people from owning guns do not, as a rule, include police officers, who have a statistically higher likelihood of having domestic problems caused by their line of work? I hope someone is watching those who watch us...
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Link Posted: 7/24/2001 11:33:05 PM EST
Guess what I sleep with next to my bed? In reality an John Ek Commando knife, but jokingly a can of Raid. Why the Raid? Because I live in Australia, where creepy crawlers out number the baddies a billion to one! Fuc*en huge spiders and giant roaches here! My wife goes off when a 5" leg span spider is on the wall, or some giant bug is standing its ground hissing at her! Remembering no part of Sydney is safe, some are just safer than other areas. Asian and Lebanese crime gangs target home invasions etc, usually all of their own kind at that. All though I live in a decent area (one of the last great Australian enclaves of the metro Sydney area), one can never be too sure. Yes there, is guns in the house, but storage regs say they cannot be readily available. Sucks does'nt it. You Americans are so fortunate you have the right to bare arms and protect yourselves.
Link Posted: 7/25/2001 2:19:39 AM EST
Originally Posted By 1feral1: Asian and Lebanese crime gangs target home invasions etc,
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And God knows you can't trust those camel-herding Lebanese types. [:D]
Yes there, is guns in the house, but storage regs say they cannot be readily available.
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What, you couldn't "just happened to be cleaning it when they broke in, constable!"?? Sheesh. Get creative, man.
Sucks does'nt it. You Americans are so fortunate you have the right to bare arms and protect yourselves.
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From what I hear of Australian beaches, you folks have the right to bare asses, so I'd say you're one up on us.
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