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Posted: 1/30/2002 7:32:00 PM EDT
Anyone know the APA format for citing computer programs??? (not websites) Thanks!
Link Posted: 1/30/2002 7:38:36 PM EDT
No sorry
Link Posted: 1/30/2002 7:41:48 PM EDT
I recall a little of the APA format. I don't think it specifically addresses Computer programs. I would guess you would do it like a book with an author, or like a book with only a publisher listed. WORD for WINDOWS XXX, Microsquish corporation, 1999. AFARR (Underline the title of the program)
Link Posted: 1/30/2002 7:41:54 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/30/2002 7:46:55 PM EDT by nightstalker]
The type of medium can be, but is not limited to the following: aggregated databases, online journals, Web sites or Web pages, newsgoups, Web- or Web or e-mail based newsletters. Pagination in electronic references is unavailable in many cases, thus left out of the citation. The APA Manual has a short section demonstrating the format for electronic references on pp. 268-281. For other examples, visit [url]www.apastyle.org/elecref.html[/url] Citing computer software Arend, Dominic N. (1993). Choices (Version 4.0) [Computer software]. Champaign, IL: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Research Laboratory. (CERL Report No.CH7-22510) If an individual(s) has proprietary rights to the software, their name(s) are listed at the head of the entry, last names first, followed by a period. Otherwise, treat such references as unauthored. Do not italize the title. Specify in brackets that the source is computer software, program or language. List the location and the organization's name that produced the program. Add any other necessary information for identifying the program (in this example, the report number) in parentheses at the entry's conclusion. To reference a manual, follow the same as above but add "manual" as the source in the bracketed information. Do not add a period at the end of a citation if it ends in a web address. Full-Text Database (i.e., book, magazine, newspaper article or report) The second date which follows is the date the user retrieved the material. No period follows an Internet Web address. Schneiderman, R. A. (1997). Librarians can make sense of the Net. San Antonio Business Journal, 11, 58+. Retrieved January 27, 1999, from EBSCO Masterfile database. Article in an Internet-only journal Kawasaki, J. L., & Raven, M.R. (1995). Computer-administered surveys in extension. Journal of Extension, 33, 252-255. Retrieved June 2, 1999, from http://joe.org/joe/index.html Article in an Internet-only newsletter Waufton, K.K. (1999, April). Dealing with anthrax. Telehealth News, 3(2). Retreived December 16, 2000, from http://www.telehearlth.net/subscribe/newslettr_5b.html#1 Internet technical or research reports University of California, San Francisco, Institute for Health and Aging. (1996, November). Chronic care in America: A 21st century challenge. Retrieved September 9, 2000, from the Robert Wood Foundation Web site: http://www.rwjf.org/library/chrcare Document created by private organization, no page numbers, no date Greater Hattiesburg Civic Awareness Group, Task Force on Sheltered Programs. (n.d.). Fund-raising efforts. Retreived November 10, 2001, from http://www.hattiesburgcag.org Sometimes authors are not identified, and there is no date showing for the document. Date website was accessed should be used and efforts should be made to identify the sponsoring author/organization of the website. If none is found, do not list an author. Document from university program or department McNeese, M.N. (2001). Using technology in educational settings. Retrieved October 13, 2001, from University of Southern Mississippi, Educational Leadership and Research Web site: http://www-dept.usm.edu/~eda/ E-Mail, newsgroups, Personal communications, which are not archived, should not included in reference lists and cited within the text only: Smith, Fred ("personal communication," January 21, 1999
Link Posted: 1/30/2002 7:45:15 PM EDT
MG Try dropping your exact question into [url]www.google.com[/url], the best search engine out there if you need more. It also links to images and discussion groups.
Link Posted: 1/30/2002 8:11:27 PM EDT
THANKS GENTS!!! [beer]
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