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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/8/2001 9:23:58 PM EST
My Sister's Suzuki 91 sidekick maybe in deep shit.We were comming back from a long trip and I noticed that the neddle on the temp gauge was rising. I stoped at a rest stop and noticed that there was no anti freeze in the reserve. I went to the next town to pick up some anti freeze and all was well but then when we got home I noticed that the reserve was empty again. But there was no was no hole in the radiator. So, I went on a hunch and checked the oil and found out that the anti freeze had got in to the oil. So my sisters car may really be screwed. It mave have blown a seal and got in anti freeze in the crank case. so to make a long story short, is there any mechanics out there or anybody who has had this problem before? So what kind of damage does anyone think im looking at? and how much do you think this is going to cost my sister? I would appreciate any help or suggestions in this matter thank you, blackhawk5900
Link Posted: 9/8/2001 9:27:30 PM EST
Blown head gasket, cracked head or block. The head gasket is the most likely culprit. What it will cost to fix depends a lot of the garage you take it to.
Link Posted: 9/8/2001 9:57:35 PM EST
2nd. that Blown head gasket, if that's all you're lucky. Good chance if you did'nt crack your head it's warped. Dont keep on driving, water does'nt lube your bearnings as well as oil.
Link Posted: 9/9/2001 6:36:29 AM EST
Thank you , Guncrazy and Silver Surfer for your reply's. I will help my Sister on Monday, to call up some garages and see how much this will cost her.Thank you again for the info, this will help. blackhawk5900.
Link Posted: 9/9/2001 6:55:11 AM EST
Link Posted: 9/9/2001 7:52:59 AM EST
Thank you, oneshot1kill for the info on this problem. No flame on mechanics or anything, but were I live in wash, they are big time rip-off artist.If you don't mind, I would like to print this out and take with me to the garages if I need to;to confront some of these B.S. artist with. Thank you, oneshot1kill for your reply. blackhhawk5900...
Link Posted: 9/9/2001 9:01:23 AM EST
I think that estimate may be too low... a gasket set alone will probably run $75... checking a head for cracks/straightness another $50 if no milling has to be done. 4 hours labor at $75 per hour plus LOF, antifreeze, etc... I think the lowest you'll spend is $450.
Link Posted: 9/9/2001 9:11:20 AM EST
What does your sister look like?
Link Posted: 9/9/2001 9:24:04 AM EST
Link Posted: 9/9/2001 9:28:29 AM EST
Originally Posted By brouhaha: Here's the main problem you're facing...it's a Suzuki.
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Link Posted: 9/9/2001 1:51:13 PM EST
I think what oneshot1kill was talking about was the gasket being replaced,for 200-250$$. If I'm not mistaken.My sister looks ok I guess. Come on , how should I know I'm her brother.She said send a pic. of yourself. Suzuki makes good bikes, I had a good GLZ-650. The sidekick are pretty good also. The SUV has over a hundred-thou.
Link Posted: 9/9/2001 1:55:31 PM EST
That's the point their bikes are good but, they should have stayed out of the American car market. My only experience was rolling a Samari. How old is she?
Link Posted: 9/9/2001 2:25:14 PM EST
Let's stick to the subject of the car for a sec. F##@ing hell, some of you guys have to take some things serious for awhile. I'm catching alot of heat over this, I was driving the dam car at the time. Yea, I think this will be around 300-400$$ after all is said and done, I frigging hope. bk5900
Link Posted: 9/9/2001 2:33:45 PM EST
Well I believe your question has been very accurately answered here; anyone that is able to give you anymore should be able to give you a haircut over the phone. All i was asking for was a 2 digit number(I would hope).
Link Posted: 9/9/2001 2:34:24 PM EST
worst case scenario: bad water pump allowed coolant to escape, which in turn allowed temperatures near the combustion chamber to soar, which might in turn have warped the head and allowed the remaining coolant to trash the cylinder head gasket. Damage total: mill or replace cylinder head, replace cylinder head gasket, new or rebuild water pump and gasket, change oil, filter and coolant. If you're lucky the oil hasn't weakened the cooling hoses too... Or it might just be the cylinder head gasket itself.
Link Posted: 9/9/2001 2:39:24 PM EST
Originally Posted By blackhawk5900: I'm catching alot of heat over this, I was driving the dam car at the time and how much do you think this is going to cost my sister?
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2 quotes combined but funny as hell none the less. Hey everyone look at me! I am a liberal journalist paraphrasing.
Link Posted: 9/9/2001 9:18:17 PM EST
How old are you 1gunrunner???? And wait whats that I hear? I think I hear your mother calling you to go to bed. I wanted to ask people with some life experiences to help me out on this matter. And thanks to all that had replied with some very helpfull information.
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