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Posted: 10/10/2007 5:07:10 PM EDT
I'm thinking about making a t-shirt... either about cars or about baseball bats...because cars are just as deadly as guns, or are even deadlier.

Such as:
A tax stamp is [should be] required for all bats"
- under 20" length
- rubber grip
- knob at the bottom to aid in target acquisition
- capability to fire in fully automatic
- lighter than X oz.
- having an ability to add tape to
- a swing capacity of over 10 SPM

or for cars:

A tax stamp....... all cars:

-Has rims under 16”
-Has more than 2(two) gear drives
-A back fin that is taller than 6 (six) inches
-Has a gas tank with a capacity over 10 (ten) gallons (also known as Hi Cap Tanks) hing-Is capable of switching from manual to auto transmission without tools
-Accelerates every time the petal is pushed
-Is capable of accelerating more than 30 mph per three seconds
-Has an adjustable, not pinned seat
-Has hood ornament taller then 2 (two) inches
-Has collapsible back seats
-Capable of sustained engine use*

Help me add to these lists, because as of now I'm outta ideas. Try analogies or linking functions on a car or baseball bat to those of a MG, semi auto, sbr, assault rifle, or combat rifle.

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