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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/24/2002 10:59:06 PM EST
[Last Edit: 1/24/2002 11:04:07 PM EST by Dragracer_Art]
Have tax money coming this week, and can't decide on which to buy... Either a registered LL, or 2 M11/9's... Found a LL here in PA for $2500, and M11/9's are going for around $1100 or so... What would you guys buy if you had $2500 to play with ? I'm 'sorta leaning towards the lightning link, since I already have a suppressed M11/9 coming in a few weeks...
Link Posted: 1/24/2002 11:09:27 PM EST
Link Posted: 1/25/2002 1:28:10 AM EST
You can get a select fire kit for the LL...someone on the boards here had a couple...it may have been Cicuits. The kits give you safe, semi, full I would go with the LL....or save up for a DIAS medcop
Link Posted: 1/25/2002 9:23:27 AM EST
Originally Posted By Troy: I strongly recommend against both. Either save up for a REAL DIAS ($4000), or save up a bit more and buy a $3000 Vector Uzi, which is 5 times the gun a Mac 11 is. A LL makes your gun full-auto-only, and will need to be fiddled with a lot to keep it working. There's no way I'd pay $2500 for $1 worth of steel. And a Mac is virtually worthless as a weapon. Cyclic rate is WAY too high, and will empty a mag in a bit more than 1 second. This will be fun once or twice, but you won't hit anything and will get REAL tired of filling those mags. An Uzi is far, far more controllable. -Troy
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Mark this day in history kids - I get to contradict Troy and not sound like a total buffoon. I'm sure this won't happen again. [:)] The beauty of an M11 is that it is a fun little bullethose. Add a Mac-Jack buffer in there and you can push the cyclic rate from about 1100-1200 on a stock, out of the box gun to about 1800rpm. Can you say "WHEEEEEE!!!" Of course with a few mods, you can make the Mac go the other way too. The Urbach heavy bolt, the Garrison VSF upper, an op-rod and an AR15/M16 buffer and stock, are all mods which will slow the rate significantly. Even the simple addition of a semi-auto hammer in a M11 will slow the rate another 100-200 rpm. With these mods, you can get an M11 down to 600rpm or less. On several occasions at the NFA nationals, modded M11's came in 1st - beating shooters with MP5's, M16/9's, Uzis, and Swede K's. I haven't kept track of the AC3A matches, but I think Tony G. will back me up that a properly modded M11 can be a decent weapon and competitive with much more expensive guns. The most expensive of these mods is the Garrison kit at about $500. But at $1500-1700 for a complete gun with a Garrison upper, its still about 1/2 the price of an Uzi. Bottom line is they are fun little guns and can be inexpensively modified to be more competitive. That doesn't mean an Uzi isn't a good weapon - I've got one, they're great - but with a little work you can get the same kind of performance out of an M11 for less money. I do agree with Troy on the link - you'd be better off waiting and saving a bit for a DIAS or a registered receiver M16. Considering you already have one supressed M11 on the way, I think that would be the best way to go.
Link Posted: 1/25/2002 9:34:13 AM EST
I'll be glad to send you a deposit slip.[:D][:D]
Link Posted: 1/25/2002 9:55:04 PM EST
I'm with Troy- get the Vector Uzi. I would if I didn't have to buy diapers now!
Link Posted: 1/26/2002 2:26:57 AM EST
I don't see any sense in having three M11's. I've got two myself, but they also aren't my only machineguns. I'd either go for the UZI which I'm in the process of getting, or look around for a Sten. I was also thinking about the LL route, but my dealer talked me out of it. Look around and see what you can afford then when you find a good deal, snap it up.
Link Posted: 1/26/2002 3:45:29 AM EST
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Link Posted: 1/26/2002 7:20:22 AM EST
Striker, that was a shot below the belt... I'm still in post race car withdrawl...[:D] BTW... Found a cherry Colt SP-1 at a local gunshow today for $954...(tax & 3 mags included) Needless to say, it came home with me...[:D]
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