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Posted: 10/3/2005 2:23:25 PM EDT
Let's see if this one stumps the arfcom hive mind...

This is a big and expensive wall-mount foamboard trimmer that we salvaged from my partner's house after it spent a few weeks submerged in some really nasty flood water.

I've cleaned it up pretty good, and it's functional now.

Now, my problem is in finding replacement blades for it, FAST. The place we used to order them from is gone as a result of the flood. I initially thought it was a standard utility knife blade (of which I have plenty), but when I tried to install one of these into the blade carrier, it didn't quite fit. Comparing the old blade with a standard utility knife blade revealed that it is indeed a little different.

I can find very little info online about this particular cutter. However, I did find some info on a different model, and I noticed this:

Though this is just an illustration, a quick check in Photoshop shows that the illustrated blade is the same size/proportion as the one I need, and the blade is referred to as "standard inexpensive blades" (as opposed to german-made hand-ground blades milled from some exotic metal).

This gives me some hope that I might be able to find these blades locally. Does anyone know what this type of blade is called and if it is indeed commonly available? I will try to get the people who sell this other cutter on the phone tomorrow so that perhaps I can order blades from them, but I'd really like to be able to pick them up locally due to time constraints (big poster order coming up this week).

Why can't I just go down to my local Home Depot and check? Well, I will, but I don't hold out much hope... there's been a run on all this kind of stuff due to the hurricane (blades, sheetrock, prybars, etc., are all hard to find). If these blades are indeed commonly available, I can probably find them in Baton Rouge when I go there in a few days. But I'd at least like to know whether or not I can expect to find them there.



Link Posted: 10/3/2005 2:43:22 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/3/2005 2:49:45 PM EDT by LoginName]
Looks like the Stanley number for the blade you need is 11-911 - 1991® Regular Duty Utility Blade

11-911 blade is 2"

11-921 blade is 2 7/16"

See if these blade comparisons help any

Link Posted: 10/3/2005 3:42:34 PM EDT
YES!!! THANK YOU!!! I measured the blade, and it is indeed 2". Now I know what I'm looking for.

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